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  1. It's not bad ,but not the same as my old 72
  2. Were did you get a new Grabber II? I thought they were discontinued.
  3. Before taxes,1230.57 after taxes. 13%.
  4. I'm not sure the release date,but i paid 1089.00 cnd.
  5. Yes it comes in pelham blue also.I ordered mine in vintage to match my reverse.
  6. Here's were i found it here.http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/17933/Guitars/Bass_Guitars/Gibson/Gibson_Non-Reverse_Thunderbird_Bass_-_Vintage_Sunburst.htm
  7. The rumor is now true. I've ordered one tuesday .No set date , i'll just have to wait til it gets here.
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