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  1. Wow I have started a trend!!! Peter that Southern Jumbo is just beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  2. Thank you all so much for the kind remarks!!! Also thank you for rotating the picture!! For those who asked Woody has a Sitka top with Mahogany back and sides. Sounds and plays beyond amazing!!!
  3. NGD!!! Say hello to "Woody". The newest member of the family! 2020 Gibson Southern Jumbo Original. He sounds as good as he looks!!! I finally found a Gibson with "That" Gibson sound. Woody sounding but with beautiful piano like chime. I could not be happier!!!! Don’t know why the picture is rotated side ways. 😩
  4. I have a 2009 ES-335. I bought it used at guitar center in 2013. I played it for 30 minutes and fell in love with it. It was definitely a closet queen. No sign of play wear and the plastic was still on the pick guard. Came with the original case which was also like new. Did not come with a COA. Months later I was cleaning it and noticed that the orange tag inside the body was filled out very poorly. The serial number written on the tag matches the headstock. Unfortunately the last number on the serial number on the tag was scribbled over like an error was made then corrected. Overall the information on the tag looked like it was written by a 3 year old. When traveling a number of years back I dropped it off at Gibson a and had it authenticated. It’s the real deal. I asked about the tag and was told it happens from time to time. Not big deal for me as I truly love the guitar. Just found it a bit odd.
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  6. Hi Everyone: I have a question regarding the neck profiles on Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul's. When I look at the 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue it says the neck profile is Early 50's Rounded. When I looked at the 1959 Factory Burst Les Paul it says 59 Neck Profile. This seems very confusing. Why does the 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue have a Early 50's neck profile and not a 59 Neck Profile? Can anyone explain the differance between the an Early 50's Profile and a 59 Neck Profile. Any input on this would be very much appreciated. Regards, Steve
  7. Hi Everyone: Thank you all so much for the great feedback. I really liked this amp and love the size and sound it puts out. Like others sometimes I just want to plug in and jam without hooking up all of my bigger gear. Heading out to Guitar Center to pick one up. Thanks again all! Regards, Steve
  8. Hi Everyone: I was recently at Guitar Center looking for a practice Amp for use with my 335. I ran across a really cool little practice amp made by Yamaha called the THR 10. They did not have a 335 handy so I plugged in a Les Paul to hear what it sounded like. I was quite impressed. Just wondering if anyone on the forum has ever used this amp with a 335? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  9. Hi Everyone: Thank you so much for the replies. I will be contacting Gibson to see what they can do regarding the serial number on the label Vs the headstock. Being as how I am not the original purchaser I am not sure if they will do anything. I have had my guitar checked out by a VERY reputable Luthier and he has confirmed that it is the real deal and is one of the better 335's he has seen. He thinks they just made a mistake on the label. Thanks again for the feedback. Regards, Steve
  10. Hi Everyone: I bought a used 2009 ES335 Vintage Plain Top from Guitar Center about a year ago. I just love it and would never dream of parting with it. Recently I was cleaning it and found something odd. The serial # on the sticker inside the guitar does not match the serial number stamped into the headstock. The number on the headstock ends in a 5 and the number on the label ends in a 6. All other numbers match. Seems like a simple mistake was made when the label was filled out. Don't know why I never noticed this before now. The guitar is a Memphis made 335. Serial # is 8 digits long. Also the Model information on the label is correct. Just wondering if I should worry. Regards, Steve
  11. Hi All: Thanks so much for the replies. I am going to go ahead and put one in the case and see how it does. I will keep a close eye on it. I also have a RH meter which I will put in the case to monitor the RH. Regards, Steve
  12. Hi Everyone: I am the proud owner of a 2009 ES335. I live in the high desert of Southern California which has a VERY dry climate to say the least! Right now the humidity is 23%! It is not unusual to get humidity levels in the teens. I have a Taylor 816ce acoustic and keep an Oasis case humidifier in the case which maintains a 40 - 45% RH. My question is would it hurt to put an in case humidifier in my 335 case? My concern is the silk cover in the case keeping the moisture too concentrated within the case. I would hate for my 335 to have fret problems or cracking because I did not keep the moisture level up. Any comment would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Steve
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