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  1. I have the AJ500M with a Baggs element. Sounds GREAT, didn't think ust's could sound that nice. It was actually a AJ500ME with the shadow system and I replaced it with the Baggs when it didn't work.
  2. That was Mic'd with a sennheiser e906. Just noticed how huge the pic was, oops.
  3. My Masterbilt AJ500me. Loooove this guitar. And a quick audio clip: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=769804&songID=11146612
  4. I have a Masterbilt AJ500me that I just love but the eSonic2 preamp doesn't work. I can't take it back, it's a long story, and I don't want to talk about it. I have a Baggs Element in it and it sounds really great. I rreally didn't think UST's could sound like that. But I have a useless eSonic2 preamp that doesn't work. I'm thinking I want to add the tru-mic and the Anthem preamp. But I'm wondering if the Anthem preamp will fit in the hole for the eSonic without modification? If the Anthem is too big, then that's fine, but I really hope it's not too small.
  5. I'm quickly becoming a fan of slope-shouldered acoustics. I love the look and sound of many of he ones Ive been trying out. I feel like they don't have much in the way of real lows but have thick, punchy low mids.
  6. So the tech said the preamp is shot. While I was there I played some other masterbilts as well as some really expensive guitars and they didn't compare to this guitar. So, the element it is. I guess ill replace the preamp with the element stage pro, too so I don't have a useless preamp sitting there looking ugly without serving a purpose.
  7. I have an Epi LP from around 2000 or so that I prefer to many Gibson LP's I've tried. I think Epiphone Masterbilts sound better than many more expensive Gibson acoustics, too.
  8. Yeah, I did read about a lot of problems with that system here. :( So you don't like the sound of the nanomag pickup? I think it's a little bit of an eyesore on that pretty guitar, for sure. I may replace it with a Baggs element, afterall. I have a tech looking at it right now and if it's not an easy fix maybe I'll go for a Element. Will suck to have a useless extra output jack and to lose the stereo capability.
  9. Got a used (mint-like new) Masterbilt AJ500me from musicians friend and the preamp doesn't turn on. Replaced batteries(yes, they are in the right way) and it doesn't turn on at all, no lights or anything. I don't think I'm eligible for a warranty replacement for the preamp because I bought the guitar used and I don't want to swap it for another guitar because I'm in love with the sound. And unlike many masterbilts, the finish is PERFECT. I just want to buy another eSonic2 preamp but the exact preamp isn't listed on Shadow's site. It's the only one that hooks up to both the nanomag and the nanoflex AND has a tuner. How can I purchase the esonic2 preamp by itself?
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