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  1. Hi there, I have just bought the epiphone les paul standard and have encountered something that might be a problem. When I toggle between the neck and bridge pickups, the bridge pick up is very notably quieter than the neck pickup? Is this normal? Especially when the 'gain' on my amp is turned off, when I use the neck pickup, it's already pretty loud and clear but when I toggle it back to the bridge pickup, there is no sound. Kind of like a kill switch? Could I have damaged it when I was peeling off the protective film on the pickups? Cause when I bought it they had these thin clear films protecting the pickups from scratches I'm assuming... but i was quite gentle. I didn't recall this problem at the store when I was playing around with it... but the sales changed all the strings for me before he put it in the bag, could that is caused a problem? Please tell me this is normal or should I bring it back to get it checked? Thanks!
  2. No, unfortunately Tom Lee carries the Ibanez and LTD lines in Hong Kong and Parson Musics carries the Epiphone and Washburn lines in Hong Kong. Since they make it exclusive that way, they are allowed to jack up the prices as much as they want I guess... Actually, maybe I might consider getting the guitars that you have recommended shipped over by Musician's Friend website, they can ship internationally for 2nd hand guitars and the price is so much cheaper! By the way, how did you hear about Tom Lee in Hong Kong? Is there a Hong Kong guitar forum somewhere? Thanks!
  3. First of all thank you brianh,xaj and bigneil for your quick replies! They were very helpful and I have taken a look at those guitars suggested by xaj at the stores here. I'm currently in hong kong and I think I only trust buying these guitars at big authentic stores since I read about all these fake epiphones everywhere.. Unfortunately, the prophency or tribute is much more than my budget here since they jack up the price a lot (although I'm not sure why since they make it in china?) the LP standard plain and that Washburn xm with emg pickups are already around 600+ usd here at these stores :(. The prophecy ex has one on display and it's ~1100! I checked amazon and eBay, their shipping is only within the states. I don't plan to go back to the states anytime soon as my jobs here. So will the epiphone standard plain be my best choice at the moment or should I consider another 'equivalent' option/brand? Thanks a bunch again guys!
  4. Hello everyone, I have been playing with electric guitar on and off for around 3 years ago learning from YouTube. I started with one of those beginner packs (no brand). I enjoy rock/metal music (ex. Gun and roses, ozzy and metallic), I like players like Randy rhoads and slash. Usually, when I have the time, I would search up tabs on some solos and just learn the solos. Recently, I got a bit more time so am planning to upgrade my guitar. So far, I have considered the following guitars, Les Paul standard plain top Epiphone SG G400 Wash burn xm pro2 Ibanez rga42 My budget is around 600 usd... Could anyone please give me some advice as to which guitar to go for or any other suggestions? Also, my amp right now is a laney lx12( power consumption 20w, output power rating 10w, TEC tube emulating technology?) I hope that's the info I need to give. Lastly, as I'm currently in Asia, Will the LPs I get here be Korea or china produced and will that affect the quality? Thanks a bunch for all your time!
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