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  1. All of them are WONDERFULL guitars I love them, but I dont get it what do you mean about the tittle ?
  2. Sp77

    i just got it

    nice Really nice guitar =) CONGRAT! If you can record it and then upload on soundcloud or something would be great =)
  3. Hi everyone I was looking for some Petrucci licks to learn (ok I know petrucci is Music man not Gibson but I really want to play som Petrucci Licks), well if someone know about videos or PDF files, please help me here.
  4. Hey, Thanks a lot, Really. Now I get a better sound I would like to try it in some real amps like a Line 6 SpiderII, cause you know you can make the sound on a video but make it real is another thing. Thanks a lot and I would google "Billie Joe Armstrong amp settings". THANK YOU =)!
  5. I like the Gloss yellow better is like a 1957 Lp Jr, I really like that one =)
  6. I like the Gloss yellow better is like a 1957 Lp Jr, I really like that one =)
  7. Hi well thanks for giving me the information about the e-mail, they sent me the Year the month and the day my guitar was made also the place =), but they say that, they need some pics full front and full back, and also full back and front from the headstock. they also give me information about how to register the guitar but as I said I'm not the first owner so I can't do that. Thanks for everything =)
  8. Hi everyone well im a huge Green Day and I Love Billie Joe's Guitar sound, for the people that says "who is Billie Joe" he is the lead Guitar (in studio) from Green Day, well to make a long story short I have a Gibson Bj signature, and make some recordings but I never get the same sound, this video from a guy on youtube is the most "like Bj sound" that I have ever heard. he said that the gear he used is this one: Recording Software: Logic Pro 9 Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2020 Guitar & Bass Sound: Line 6 POD X3 Computer: Macbook Pro Sound Card: M-Audio Fast Track Pro Came
  9. Ok here I go this is my little Girl Called "Faith". It's the most important thing in my life =) the only Gibson I have.
  10. Thanks ! Im sendind the e mail right now
  11. I want to register just for a formality. and no bj Signature are 6 digit serial number
  12. Hi there Im new on the Forum , well I have a Gibson Les Paul Junior Bj Signature, and I know what some people are going to say "gay guitar" or something like that, but I choose that Guitar Cause I love to play Punk Rock and also it sounds so amazing, you can feel the strings with distorsion and have a great body on the sound. Well I bought the Guitar on Sam Ash (California, Sunset Boulevard) and it was pre-owned, I have two questions: -where can I Register the Guitar if it's posible, on Gibson page or something like that -where can I Checked the serial number cause I use this page, http:
  13. hahaha it sounds Crazy can you put a pic?
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