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  1. About the shipping, Jonathan who makes the guitars was himself very dissapointed with them, so he was going to try to find another shipper. Anyhow, thing is, thats the only one made like that, they are all custom made guitars (either made for stock or on order), and it was on a "sale" so the price was even cheaper, sadly. Its all Mahogany.
  2. Yes, they are indeed, in my opinion it looks cleaner that way. We will see, jumbos are another option as you said. Ofcourse i wouldnt scallop it without knowing 100% its my thing.
  3. Sure, as soon i get some recording equipment. Im thinking of getting it scalloped aswell, yeah, i must be crazy. The 25" scale was done to keep some extra tension when downtuning, according to the builder. Which is just fine since its getting setup for C standard.- I dont really have a standard gibson (only the SG GT), but it actually sounds treblier and with less lows than the SG GT, which is great, suits my sound perfectly. Acoustically, it has similiar sustain compared to my SG GT, but again, sounds more plinky than boomy, which i once again definately dont mind. The guitar is actully considerably lighter even though it has a thicker body, perhaps because of the lack of the hood scope thing? Its a very "sabbathy" guitar, really does that sound great imo! The pickups are real high impedance 22k ohm, but they have a very midrangey and trebly sound in my opinion, again, im only comparing to my SG GT which seems to have a fatter less defined sound, but the pickups are very different. I really do like this guitar, but i cant help getting all mod crazy, well see if i get through with the scalloped board thing, and this is NOT because i think it will play faster, just the fact that i dont want that friction when i make those wide bends like i often do, it really doesnt feel nice, and it doesnt give me the grip on the string i want. So its more to ease vibrato and bends especially. Besides, i really need to develop a lighter touch.
  4. No opinions:/ Is it really that ugly? Haha.
  5. Hey, im curious to know what Gibsons are fully hollow and what ones are semi-hollow with a center block:)
  6. Shipping:)! Found out about Feline guitars through the Bareknuckleforum, and then i saw the SG on the site, then i keept checking it out the site more and more and then i just WANTED IT! So i sold of my Tiny Terror Combo amongst other in a desperate attempt to raise some money haha (GAS ATTACK!), and i ended up ordering it, although shipping was a mess! They lost the package for a while, and it took around 2 weeks to get it here i think! This and having seen how they work on the shipping terminals has made me think twice about ordering a guitar from abroad again (they arent exactly careful with the stuff, dont even think that "fragile" stickers will help!), but it was in one piece so!:)
  7. Hey, Couldnt find the picture thread anywhere (?). Just wanted to show this axe! Its made by Felineguitars in the UK, different to a normal SG, thicker body, jack on the side, 25" scale. Getting some mods done (1 meg volume pots, tones are disconnected, and C tuning with some thicker gauge strings). Real metal monster :) Bareknuckle War Pig humbuckers ofcourse !
  8. Pretty much? But even if theres a slight slight difference im still interested to know it
  9. Lets say if we had the exact same fully hollow guitars, one with p90s and the other humbuckers, would the p90 feedback easier, or would the humbuckers, or wouldnt it make a bit of difference? Thanks!
  10. Not bad, but im not sure if i want a bigsby anymore, seems to be more trouble than its worth (to me) since i dont find a use for trems, im not going to use the guitar for rockabilly, but quite some distortion to achieve feedback. But it does look nice with P90s and all. Thanks for the tip, sadly i dont live in the US:)
  11. Hello!, Ive been looking to get a full hollowbody since I WANT easy feedback without waving it in front of the amp, but im playing in an apartment, so volume cant be turned up to loud, but i do have powerscaling on my little modded EVJ clone, so it does achieve alot of distortion, although certainly not scooped, more fuzzy. So could i get nice feedback with an epi casino? Thinking since it does have a thinner body than some.
  12. yeah i guess, but at the real bedroom volumes i had to wave it infront of the amp, but loved the sound, and it feelt like gibson quality, even being an china or something made and less than half the price, so im really considering it, perhaps upgrade with locking tuners, and such. Although, i think my amp has a bit more distortion than the store one and i guess it depends from amp to amp:) I liked that guitar though! The second i tried was some unknown brand Peerless or something, feelt like ****, looked like crap and well, was only slightly cheaper, problems reaching upper frets. No thanks to that one, but ill try to get my hands on some more, perhaps buy second hand. Havent even sold the guitar that i need the money from yet, so no hurry. Do you guys have the same opinion that high frets are hard to reach on single cutaway hollows? Twas this one that i liked anyhow, in my opinion a beauty! EDIT: Also, im not sure if i actually want a bigsby anymore, but i now want the double-cutaway preferrably. Didnt find use for the bigsby, i prefer using my fingers do to vibratos. So i guess that puts me with the epi casino?
  13. Hm, i only managed to try two guitars today, none gibson, the first shop had NONE fully hollow. Then i tried a Gretsch G5122 at the next store, i think its fully hollow, but it looked like it had a thin wood block glued to the top in the center, but didnt reach far down, so not like a block that separates each acoustic room, does this make it fully hollow still? I didnt think it was to prone to feedback until i cranked it a little more than i dared play at the shop, so maybe its not as prone to feedback as i want? But damn, great guitar, feelt good, setup was nice and it had nice tone! Its was the Electromatic G5122, double cutaway, was SLIGHTLY thinner than a usual non cutaway, so maybe that reduces feedback? But the cutaway feelt nice for reaching higher frets and looks good too.
  14. Ok, so tomorrow im trying a bunch, probably most the cheaper ones, but maybe some more expensive like gibsons, and well see. Im looking for a bigsby and have written a list, and the shop seems to carry most of these which is good. Maybe i could get a gibson second hand.
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