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  1. My '08 Custom Shop Silverburst with her big sister '78 Black Custom
  2. That's the Marshall Class 5 (soon to come in a head only version) 5 watter. Put some new "knobbies" on this weekend.
  3. Just thought I would join in finally! I had been looking for one in honey burst for quite a while and I finally found mine.
  4. Here's my GOTW 43...trying to switch out the black speed knobs with some amber top hats. Not having much luck. Anyone have any suggestions for getting the top hats to sit flush with the body of the guitar? The black speed knobs are more recessed and sit flush with the body while the top hats sit up too high. As shown in this pic...
  5. I'm a bit of a KISS fan as you may be able to tell.
  6. Not the best picture, but here's my one and only.
  7. Beautiful guitars in here! I LOVE that Carvin Legacy in the snake skin.
  8. I use the Dunlop 65 polish on my Silverburst with no problems at all. I do use it sparingly though. Mainly where I rest by right arm on the top.
  9. I picked up one of these on clearance from GC for $650. Cheaper than what I was going to spend for a standard LP Jr. with no case. I think it's a great player. I did have to pay extra for the case but I still think I got an excellent deal.
  10. In the words of Fee Waybill........She's A Beauty!
  11. irrelevant? hmmmm, never thought of it that way. Thanks! I feel your pain. I turned 40 last year. I still hate waking up to that fact every day. But hey, at least I have a bunch of cool guitars to help make me forget about it. Rock On!
  12. That's OK.....he'll make up for it with his new line of shoes. http://www.vanhalenstore.com/page/VH/CTGY/sneakers and just for the record, I was at that show and it didn't sound that bad live.
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