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  1. Yeah, it's an Epiphone. Here's a headstock shot of another one: Should have one in hand soon, so, check back for details ; > ) I'll also provide a full history of the model. Greg
  2. Hey Thanks poopcicle! I may have answered my own question. . . . It's an Epi NVJ, which I thinks stands for "Nouveau Jazz," and was part of a the "Nouveau" series of guitars from the late eighties, I believe. Anyhow, I'm interested to learn more about them, if anyone knows anything (or owns one). Greg
  3. . . .and I can't remember where, but I collected this photo. Maybe from Ebay? Anyhow, I don't recall the model name, although I seem to remember that it was described as having been made in Japan around the late seventies. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Greg (First-time poster--and I hope to be returning some more!)
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