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  1. I've been playing almost 30 years and replaced a few cracked speed knobs in my day. I love the feel of the speed knobs, but they do break occasionally.
  2. Frehley76, Stunning. Just stunning!
  3. I love the LP DC! I want one. Is Gibson currently making any DC Les Paul's other than the reissues? Gromaj, Charlie Brown, You guys have the guitar collection of a lifetime.
  4. My '68 RI Custom Antique Pelham Blue. Sorry for the old pics. I'll try to get a couple of new ones up soon. My SG Classic Custom Guitar of the Week #38, Antique Black Cherry. I had to put the SG!
  5. I stayed away for 6 months only to return and see you guys are still taunting with your gorgeous Faded LP Standards. I'll go cry now. LoL[crying]
  6. Me too! I wish I had some $$$ when the Standard Faded was still available new. I used to drool then and I'm still drooling now.
  7. Sometimes it's Robert Cray, other times Pete Townshed.
  8. Good Grief!! You guys do it on purpose, don't you? Like you just have it in for me. I love the Standard Faded.
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