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  1. Jury ruled in favor of Led Zeppelin. I don't buy the whole "Zep borrowed material and made it great" argument: They did that too often, and too often they didn't give credit where it was due. They often did the equivalent of looking at the exam of the person sitting next to them, then got a good grade and took credit for their musical brilliance. Can anyone really argue that the opening riff isn't ripped off from "Taurus" if they put their love of LZ aside? It's essentially the same: same key, same pause, same tonal resolution. All Page did was add in a couple of notes and claimed it was His. As a LZ fanatic, when this news broke, I went through the Stage of Grief, and have finally come to Acceptance. But my admiration and adulation for Page as an artist has been tarnished. If I were Jake Holmes, I would have brought suit against Page a long time ago: For Page to have claimed he "wrote" "Dazed and Confused" the song is egregious. I understand that being anti-Zeppelin is not popular on this website, but I believe that what is popular and what is just aren't always the same thing.
  2. Amen. NPR pressed him in an interview about all the violence in Django Unchained, and he got very, very defensive.
  3. Thanks for all the advice! Dub, your comments were especially helpful in my decision-making. I ended up buying a set of the Lava patch cables. They seem like very high quality, if a bit pricy. And thanks for all the well-wishes! This place is the BEST!
  4. Hey All! It's been awhile. Marriage and a pregnant wife will do that. I am wondering what kind of patch cables you all use when stringing your foot pedals together. Now that I am back into playing, I realize my current crop of patch cables are sh*t, and I have several shorts. So, can I get some recommendations for solid, high-quality patch cables? Thanks, and all the best! Jeff
  5. I am going to disagree with most of you. Obviously there are exceptions for venue, seating, special circumstances, etc. But honestly, if I am at a good rock show and it's a great song, and I am standing, and the person behind me asks me to sit down, I am likely to tell him to stand up. A good concert should be ripe with energy, admiration, and - yes - a bit of standing up and swinging with the music. A couple of years ago, I went to two Pearl Jam shows two consecutive nights in two different cities. The first night, everyone was on their feet and really into it. And Pearl Jam played great. The second night, I was a bit embarrassed for the audience: With the exception of the front section which was standing room, PJ may as well have been playing to a funeral home. They were good, but there was not nearly the audience interaction as the night before. And one less encore as well. Get up, stand up...
  6. Wow, I am surprised by the responses here! Interesting. I guess I thought of it this way: If I were the one playing the show, I would want people to be standing (if able)!
  7. Hey All, Last night, I was lucky enough to catch Wilco in Akron. (I know there are Wilco haters out there, but it was really a great show.) Anyway, I saw a fight nearly break out over tension I have seen in the past at concerts: If a person wants to stand during a good rock concert, is that rude if the person or people behind him wants to SIT during the show, thus blocking the view? I am sure many of you have seen this scenario play out before: A person or group of people are standing and watching the concert; people behind them ask them to sit down; people in front refuse; you pick the ending... I have seen this scenario play out at just about every venue with seating that isn't - obviously - standing room only or general admission. I personally think that if you can't stand and support a good band, you probably shouldn't be at the concert, or at least understand that people may want to stand up! Curious to hear your thoughts...
  8. Happy Birthday! Rock on, and congratulations!
  9. Ha! Nope, she is 37. For most of my 30s, I had a really immature and superficial view of what I expected in a wife. As a result, I went through a series of sh*tty relationships that ended badly either for me or for the girl I was dating. Jodie taught me that - cliched as it is - you really need to marry your best friend: someone who is going to support you; be faithful to you; be honest with you; "for better or for worse." Thanks to all of you for all your kind words and congrats! =D>
  10. Hi All, I haven't been real active on this site for awhile, but I wanted to let you know that I proposed to my girlfriend Jodie last night, and she accepted! I proposed in a way that only a musician can appreciate: I wrote a song for her, and about half way through playing it, I asked her if she heard something rattling around inside my guitar. She said No. But I insisted that there was something inside my trusty Alvarez-Yairi. So I turned the guitar upside down and voila! out came the engagement ring. I then finished playing the song, which included the proposal in the lyrics. A "Yes!", tears, and hugs. A waited much longer than most of you: I am 41, and will be 42 by the time we get married next summer. But she was worth the wait. Just wanted to share the news! Here's a pic of us...
  11. ...and I don't mean the people on it! When I posted my last comment, I had to click on the italics icon, then write inside the code markers - or whatever; just did it again! - to make it italicized. And posting a picture is a relatively laborious process. I realize Gibson doesn't have to do this site at all. But honestly, some of the "steps" for posting here seems downright aged...and I don't mean in a Tom Murphy kind of way!
  12. I am going to second what Surfpop said: To me, nothing beats a SG with P-90s. Why? Because with 'buckers, an SG does sound like a Les Paul, at least too much for my liking. I admit that I have not played a LP with P-90s, and it must be a pretty great thing. But if you want that treble'y, Townsend-y bite, you will find it in spades on an SG with P-90s.
  13. I have a '91 Alvarez-Yairi, and it's simply the best-made guitar I have ever owned. Yes, the body isn't solid, but it doesn't seem to matter at all. This goes without saying, but never confuse an Alvarez-Yairi - made in Japan, often by hand - for an Alvarez, which are made in China and not nearly as good.
  14. Thank you for saying that, Tman: That's nice to hear! Most teachers really do try to do their best. There are some bad ones out there for sure, but that's not the majority of us. The Affordable Care Act: I don't understand why this thread took that turn, but hey, this is the Gibson Lounge. I had a nurse girlfriend who hated the ACA. I know a patient who credits the ACA for saving him from going bankrupt. So like most things of this nature, your opinion is based largely on how it affects you.
  15. Surf - Are you public or private/parochial? I think next year will be better: This year was school...for me, and I think I learned as much as the kids did!
  16. Thanks! Don't get me wrong: I still can't imagine doing anything else. Being a middle school teacher was something I feel I was put on this planet to do. Although it might make others cringe, I actually enjoy having a room full of hormonal, distracted, pre-adolescent kids. But thanks to strained budgets, micromanagement, so-called "accountability" minutia, and an increased viewpoint of education as business, teaching is a lot less fun - and frankly, less effective - than it used to be. I don't want to take this thread in any kind of political direction as some people have done, but suffice to say that teachers - in some circles - have become easy scapegoats for many societal ills. I am reasonably thick skinned, but it's hurtful to give your life to something only to be belittled by some very vocal and - sometimes - very powerful people. In my case, I was moved out of teaching 6th grade into teaching 7th grade, and as anyone who has kids can attest to, there is a lot of difference between the two ages; one grade only seems small. I did not want to move, but was moved to essentially boost student test scores, which were lagging in 7th grade. Is this a compliment? I suppose. But it also feels like a lot like that old bit of wisdom: People who do the best job get punished. I am not unique: I get that. But it's difficult when I think about some of The Good Old Days...
  17. Hi All, Like so many people in today's economy and work climate, my job has undergone substantial changes and belt tightening. We are asked to do more with less, and for less. Benefits have been frozen, and our retirement plan has been scaled back. To make that worse, people are being moved into other positions they don't want in order to "improve" results. This happened to me last year, as I was moved out of a job I truly loved in order to "make difference" in another position. And it is happening to other people as well. Morale where I work is as low as I have seen in my 17 years here. So without further pontification, I would love to hear some of the challenges/heartaches/blues about your job(s). What sh*tty changes or other bummers have you had to endure in order to pay the bills? Best, Jeff
  18. I am going to go against the mass opinion here: I think Page clearly ripped this riff off. This is not like ripping off a Chuck Berry riff: The intro to Stairway is painfully similar to Taurus, in all its intricacy. I think a lot of people on this Forum - including me - get blinded by our love for The Almighty Zeppelin. Bring your checkbook, Jimmy: You can afford it.
  19. Wow, what a bummer! I really liked that guy.
  20. "Politicians in My Eyes" was the other song that really stood out as well. Loved it. Have yet to listen to some of the other stuff. I will probably get blasted for saying this, but I love the idea of black guys from Detroit making music like this. I am not a scholar, but African-American musicians were not known for making music like this, at least to my knowledge; again, no expert. I remember thinking Living Colour was an anomaly because of their music.
  21. To me, most punk does indeed have a distinct sound: songs that are relatively structurally simple that move quickly and skip any kind of soloing. I like this song a lot: very good hook.
  22. I don't know: I listened to a couple of the songs, and I really thought they were very good, with good hooks and good lyrics. I really enjoyed it more than - say - Black Flag or even Sex Pistols.
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