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  1. Jury ruled in favor of Led Zeppelin. I don't buy the whole "Zep borrowed material and made it great" argument: They did that too often, and too often they didn't give credit where it was due. They often did the equivalent of looking at the exam of the person sitting next to them, then got a good grade and took credit for their musical brilliance. Can anyone really argue that the opening riff isn't ripped off from "Taurus" if they put their love of LZ aside? It's essentially the same: same key, same pause, same tonal resolution. All Page did was add in a couple of notes and claimed it was His. As a LZ fanatic, when this news broke, I went through the Stage of Grief, and have finally come to Acceptance. But my admiration and adulation for Page as an artist has been tarnished. If I were Jake Holmes, I would have brought suit against Page a long time ago: For Page to have claimed he "wrote" "Dazed and Confused" the song is egregious. I understand that being anti-Zeppelin is not popular on this website, but I believe that what is popular and what is just aren't always the same thing.
  2. Amen. NPR pressed him in an interview about all the violence in Django Unchained, and he got very, very defensive.
  3. Thanks for all the advice! Dub, your comments were especially helpful in my decision-making. I ended up buying a set of the Lava patch cables. They seem like very high quality, if a bit pricy. And thanks for all the well-wishes! This place is the BEST!
  4. Hey All! It's been awhile. Marriage and a pregnant wife will do that. I am wondering what kind of patch cables you all use when stringing your foot pedals together. Now that I am back into playing, I realize my current crop of patch cables are sh*t, and I have several shorts. So, can I get some recommendations for solid, high-quality patch cables? Thanks, and all the best! Jeff
  5. I am going to disagree with most of you. Obviously there are exceptions for venue, seating, special circumstances, etc. But honestly, if I am at a good rock show and it's a great song, and I am standing, and the person behind me asks me to sit down, I am likely to tell him to stand up. A good concert should be ripe with energy, admiration, and - yes - a bit of standing up and swinging with the music. A couple of years ago, I went to two Pearl Jam shows two consecutive nights in two different cities. The first night, everyone was on their feet and really into it. And Pearl Jam played great. The second night, I was a bit embarrassed for the audience: With the exception of the front section which was standing room, PJ may as well have been playing to a funeral home. They were good, but there was not nearly the audience interaction as the night before. And one less encore as well. Get up, stand up...
  6. Wow, I am surprised by the responses here! Interesting. I guess I thought of it this way: If I were the one playing the show, I would want people to be standing (if able)!
  7. Hey All, Last night, I was lucky enough to catch Wilco in Akron. (I know there are Wilco haters out there, but it was really a great show.) Anyway, I saw a fight nearly break out over tension I have seen in the past at concerts: If a person wants to stand during a good rock concert, is that rude if the person or people behind him wants to SIT during the show, thus blocking the view? I am sure many of you have seen this scenario play out before: A person or group of people are standing and watching the concert; people behind them ask them to sit down; people in front refuse; you pick the ending... I have seen this scenario play out at just about every venue with seating that isn't - obviously - standing room only or general admission. I personally think that if you can't stand and support a good band, you probably shouldn't be at the concert, or at least understand that people may want to stand up! Curious to hear your thoughts...
  8. Man, that is sweet. So much better than my metal tube stand.
  9. These guys. I saw them last night at a sold-out club and they are developing quite the following. The singer has one great set of pipes...
  10. While I agree that it's not fair to make a blanket statement about any product's quality, I certainly can sympathize and with this guy's plight. I know we are all Gibson fans here, but to drop that kind of coin on a guitar and have this kind of problem...Well, I'd be angry too.
  11. Insomnia is a *****. I tend to have it worse during the week because I work things job-related in my mind over and over. One thing that a therapist had me do - which helped - was to write down the things I was thinking about and keeping me from sleep, and just write briefly how I would handle it TOMORROW instead of trying to figure it out that night. If it gets TOO bad, see a doc; he can help you. Good Luck!
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