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  1. Is the white label in that spot correct?
  2. The blue label inside has been peeled enough to not be able to read the model or serial. Appears thin line. Any idea what model?
  3. I've run across a 57 reissue that's aged, mint condition. What is current value on this? It appears to be 2000 (7 01xx)
  4. Yikes, everyday=something new
  5. Can anyone give me a quick breakdown on the different neck fads through the Gibson years on acoustics and electrics? Let's say from the 40s to 80s just to keep it somewhat short. Thanks
  6. 383roller


    That's a beauty no doubt, i was always curious hoe the vine works in the reference to playing position department.
  7. I think the stuff made in the present and recent past is nothing short of great, and may be considered good vintage stuff in the future when present woods used become unattainable. The REAL vintage stuff will always be in demand as the small supply numbers have been determined for a long time now. Everything that is an opinion based answer is relative: the future will always be commercial determined sales in the present and the future always belongs to the past.
  8. I think it's great to have a variety of stuff on hand- as long as it's used. When a 'collection' becomes just hoarding, it's sad that great guitars collect dust for no good reason at all. Let them make music!
  9. I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas of how many BRW J200 or SJ200s were made during the 50s through the end of the 60s? Thanks!
  10. I have a guitar with an ebony board and one with a BRW board, both very similar but the ebony seems a bit faster to me. As to the OP I would suggest maybe scouring eBay for old off brand guitar that you can pick up for cheap that may have one.
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