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  1. A limerick for St Paddy's Day... There once was a fella named Buc Who’s capo I’ll own with some luck Now this guy’s a Texan And his Uke playin’s perplexin But he sings like a well strangled duck ;)
  2. The new uke looks great Buc - health to play!
  3. From Texas to Belfast a far distance spanned, Cut short by the kindness of one Texan man, A capo so fine I might have it by luck, To replace my tired capo, a beat up old Shubb, And each time it’s used on my J45, I’d give Buc McMaster a virtual high five.
  4. I thought 2400 for a TV was a great price. Most I had seen before that were 2700/2800. I'm in the same boat. Would love one but have other commitments at the minute. One day Dave, one day.
  5. I got it wrong, it was actually the Epsom store. Guitar Guitar seem to photograph the actual instruments they have in stock whereas others use stock images. Of the two GG Epsom had in stock my friend preferred the darker burst (although it's actually redder in reality). Dawson's didn't have a TV in stock and the Standard was £2200 (TV was £2400). I've only been in to Dawson's briefly but from their Facebook posts and what I can see online they do seem have a good offering for Belfast. I keep meaning to call in - but rarely have the time these days.
  6. hahaha No idea what to change to. Tried the G7 and I'm not a fan - works great and very simple to use but whether it's my chubby hands or the way I play I keep hitting it with my hand (probably the way I play lol). I'll check out the Paige capos now.
  7. Checked and double checked. Might check them again.
  8. Congratulations BBG!! A framed photo of me and my J45 is with Royal Mail now. Gonna replace my capo soon - you can have a well used Shubb if ya want? ;)
  9. Found the problem! I took a quick look inside the soundhole and it appears the pickup wiring had moved and a small plate (adhesive pad?) attached to the wires was now resting on the back of the guitar rather than stuck to the top I assume. Moved the wire and plate with a pencil, strummed each string... no offending buzz! THANK GOODNESS - thought I was gonna go insane. Only temporarily fixed as it's only been moved - but at least I know what needs to be done now.
  10. Awesome friend to have by the way (even if you take away the guitars lol). I've been able to play so many Gibsons and a few Martins because of him (Sj200, AJ, J45, LG1, Gospel, HD28, D41 and now the Hummingbird).
  11. Yeah BBG, he's in Carrick.
  12. Hairy Dave


    NGD, not for me but my best mate (so technically it's mine too). It's a beautiful Hummingbird TV - I'm the numpty with the big grin. Set up was great out of the box. Action was perfect and bags of tone, and volume which I wasn't expecting. He owned an HBTV a few years ago that was pretty tame in the volume dept. This one had no such issue. Here are a few pics...
  13. Sorry BBG, have been busy with work and haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Will try it tonight and update ya :)
  14. Hogeye, hopefully that is the problem! Will check that out later.
  15. I'm pretty sure I changed like for like (lights), but it is possible I had mediums on it. You've got me thinking about the pickup/wiring now. It's the strangest sound - listened (through the built in speakers) to the recording I made on the iPhone last night... couldn't hear anything. Plugged in my earphones, which are high quality, and wouldn't ya know I could hear the blasted sound. If the string rings for ten secs the 'buzz' lasts maybe half that. I was even looking in the soundhole last night to see if the label was vibrating! I told Denis Currie i'd drop it in for a setup soon - so
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