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  1. "Don't Leave Me This Way" - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - covered by Thelma Houston (I like her version even better)
  2. I've got Mean 90s in an ESP/LTD Less-Paul (not a typo) The logo is my band's "The Sophisticats"® but I haven't played it since I got my Parker. Some day I'll strip the logo off and put it on Craigslist
  3. So far, the only problem I've had with the Parker was the pickup selector switch. It was an easy fix. Notes
  4. They came perfect from the factory, and I hope they stay that way. Guitar is my 7th instrument, and I still have a lot to learn. I'll leave anything other than simple maintenance to a guitar tech.
  5. I got more fret wear on my old guitar than freboard wear. It was an LTD faux-les-paul. My Parker came with hardened stainless steel frets, and I've been gigging that guitar for a few years and it still shows no fret wear. Guitar is my 7th instrument, so I'm sure I'm doing a lot of things wrong. I play it on about 1/3 of the songs we do, depending on the gig it could be more or less. I played bass for a few years, so the freboard wasn't exactly a stranger. Sax/wind synthesizer gets the bulk of the rest of the songs, a couple on the flute and vocals on about half our songs. Of course that has nothing to d with ebony fretboards For the experts in guitar maintenance: How often should I oil the fretboard? There- back on topic. Insights and incites by Notes
  6. My custom shop Parker DF522NN has an ebony fretboard. There is a little streaking in it. I think it gives it more character, and it's as smooth as slik.
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