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  1. OK, I acquired a replacement eSonic, and had problems but finally got it working. Thanks for all the replies and advice. But the replacement was sent without a battery tray so for now the batteries are just shoved into the cavity. I have emailed them asking for a battery tray, even the one that was in my old one that I returned to them. Hopefully they will reply. Thanks for all assistance on this and all of the helpful suggestions.
  2. Thanks for trying to help me out. I have not done any continuity testing, I do not have a meter. But would the preamp register a low battery signal if the input jack was wired wrong? If memory serves me correct I think the black and white wires are connected to the long leg and the red to the short leg And of course the ground to the outer lug. That's right isn't it? But I had the problem before I ever switched the jack out, when it was still heat shrinked from the factory. I thought it was a bad jack so I ordered a new Switchcraft jack and installed it and it made no difference so I reinstalled the OEM jack, because if I kept the Switchcraft jack I would have to ream out the hole in the guitar body and if the jack was good then I figured why start reaming out the hole.
  3. UPDATE: I have a small LED light that uses 2 CR2032. I put them in the PR5E and when I turned the tuner on, the red light blinked and then remained on, which I assume indicates the batteries are low. I turned off the tuner and then inserted a cable into the jack. The red light went off when I turned off the tuner and at first when I put the cable in all I got was a brief flash of the red LED as the cable was going inand then it went out. I kept putting the cable in and out and jiggling it and finally the red LED remained on. I was able to remove and reinsert this cable as well as several others, and each time the red LED lights up and remains on. However, it does not output any sound. I can get popping and grounding noises from the amp as I insert or remove the cable but nothing from the guitar. However, one time last week, I had the same exact problem when I inserted the cable but when I removed and reinserted it the guitar started working. Just that one time however. Since then, nothing. I also put the batteries from the guitar into the "donor" LED light, and it works fince, so I know the guitar batteries are good and in fact are strong enough that apparently they do not activate the "low battery" indicator. So its not the batteries. I still think there may be something wrong with the input jack, since I have the problem with it not making a good solid connection. But the guitar did not play even after I removed the OEM jack and wired in a brand new Switchcraft jack, so if the issue was only the input jack the replacement should have fixed that. I can't see any breaks in the wire from the jack to the control unit and indeed if there were it probably would not sense when the plug was inserted and the red low battery indicatior would not come on. Either the tuner button does not take the preamp off mute when I turn off the tuner or there is something wrong with output stage of the preamp. That is all I can think of, unless someone on here has a better idea. Thanks
  4. No but there are three reasons. 1. The tuner works. 2. The red light flashes when I insert the cable and I think that indicates it should be on and functioning. Right? It doesn't say this in the manual, but it flashes when you turn the tuner on and off. 3. The low battery light has never come on. If the batteries were weak it would light up when I use the tuner wouldn't it? Can the tuner work but not the output side of the preamp if the batteries are low? Would the light flash as I insert the cable if the batteries are dead?
  5. LPS1976, thanks for the comments. I think you were posting while I was writing my last reply to wiggy so I did not see your response on the SH Performer or the lights. I appreciation your suggestion on the Epi repair center and I might try that. I will let you know how that goes.
  6. Thanks wiggy. I already downloaded the manual from the Epiphone website and all it says is that the preamp automatically turns on when you insert the cable. That's it. Nothing about the indicator light. But I did notice that in the picture the light/lense color is green and in the manual it refers to the "green low battery indicator". Mine is red. Maybe the esonic2 is green, but I think these are just normal Shadow products rebranded with the "eSonic" logo for Epiphone. I am pretty sure that the eSonic is the same exact unit as the Shadow PH Performer Tuner, shown in the website I posted earlier. And the one pictured there also has a green indicator, so I don't know why mine is red. And I noticed that they also empisize that "5 year warranty" with no mention of having to register within ten days of purchase to be eligible for it. I think that is a little disingenuous if you ask me. It appears it is not that hard to order replacment parts, as long as you order from Europe. I found a link to some place in England who bought out the inventory of an Epiphone parts distributor and has lots of Shadow replacement parts, including the nano pickups, and they are pretty resonable. But no preamps. I have been in contact with Shadow USA and it looks like I may be able to get some help with my problem. I don't want to jinx it but I will let the forum know how it goes.
  7. Wiggy, can I use the esonic2 with only l one pickup or would I have to modify the guitar? I thought the esonic2 was a two pickup version. And while we are on the subject take a look at this. http://www.thomann.de/gb/shadow_sh_performer_tuner.htm?sid=7518d7d52c5d3606314617bc9aa8e6af It is an ad for the Shadow SH Performer from Thomann in Germany. It looks to me to be an idential match for the esonic, but with a differnt name. And I also saw that the Epiphone website says the PR-5E comes with the esonic and nano pickup, but Sweetwater is listing it with a Shadow P-4 preamp with a piezo pickup. Is this an older model of pickup and would it fit the hole in the guitar? While we are on this subject let me make sure I understand the operation of this preamp. Because I notice that the pictures show a green light but mine has a red light. When I turn the tuner on the red light flashes once. It flashes again when I turn it off. And as I said, when I plug a cable in it flashes red as the cable is going in but then goes out. So should it stay lit up when the cable is inserted or is it supposed to flash as it goes in and then flash again as it comes out? I thought it was supposed to stay lit up but now I am not so sure. I guess if the batteries were low it would stay lit up, but otherwise it is off. I ask this because I thought the one time I got it to work the light remained on. So I am just trying to clarify the correct operation of it in my mind. Thanks much
  8. So I got a canned email from Epiphone, referring me to a authorized repair center and told me to take proof of purchase. But it looks like I cannot get my hands on a sales receipt. They guy I got it from bought it at Guitar Center but he is done with it and want be of any help. I don't know if Shadow will take the same position or not. I hate warranties that are not transferable. After all, if you stand behind a product then what difference does it make who owns it?
  9. Thanks for the comments. It is my understanding that if you try to fit another brand in there the holes are not the same size. I know where I can get a PR4E for $100. I think it uses the same esonic doesn't it? And I was told the preamp works fine it in. Do you think that should be my first option?
  10. Nope. I tried three cables and tried it both with the jack installed in guitar and will the jack hanging out and no retaining bolt, to make sure the cable was seated well. However, I did get it to work one time. That was the first time I tried it out, right after I got it home. I pushed the cable in and got the flashing light and then it was dead. So I removed the cable and reinserted it and the light came on, so I thought I just did not insert it far enough the first time. So I played it through my regular amp to confirm the preamp worked, then unplugged it and went out and bought a new acoustic amp. When I tried again, all I got was that one quick flash of the red light. Was never able to get it to work again. I kept messing with the input jack, thinking it was a bad connection. That's why I went the route of ordering a new Switchcraft jack. But after hooking it up I get the same results, so I pulled it off and put the OEM jack back on. Reason being the Switchcraft jack is a heavier duty jack with a slightly larger diameter threaded barrel and I was going to have to ream out the hole a few milimeters. I never did that and instead just reinstalled the OEM version and put everything back together. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I relly hope I can get this fixed someway.
  11. Well, the guitar is still under warranty but I am not the original owner. That's my problem. I got it from someone else and have asked him to try to locate his sales receipt but so far no luck. It was never registered by him so I registered it with both Epiphone and Shadow, but I can not provide a sales receipt. That was why I tried to repair it myself first. I thought it was just a bad input jack so I picked one up for $13 and hoped that would fix my problem. Otherwise I would have gone the warranty route first. Now I may be screwed anyway. I can't even locate a source for a replacement esonic, even on ebay. this sucks. I just bought a nice acoustic amp on Craigslist with the intent of using it with this guitar so now I am out of pocket for that as well. agradeleous; native, UNC grad, but in Texas now.
  12. Well, maybe I am stupid! I did not change the batteries since the tuner was working. Is it possible that the batteries are good enough to power the tuner but not the preamp? I am not getting any Low Battery warning, so I assumed the batteries were fine.
  13. I have a PR5E and the esonic has stopped working properly. The tuner works fine but when I plug the guitar cable in I only get a flash of the red light when the plug is about half way in and the the light goes out and the unit is dead. No hum, no nothing. When I pull the plug out the red light flashes as it is about half way out. It is as if it only makes contact when the plug is half way in. Bad input jack, right? Well turns out that is not it. I ordered a new SwitchCraft input jack, removed the stock one and installed the new one, and I still got the same results. I pulled the esonic out and checked the connector plug and it looks fine. Attatches tightly and no loose wires are visible. So I reinstalled the OEM input jack, and same results. No difference in the problem or the symptoms. So I am at a loss as to what to do next. I have sent Shadow an email via their website but I have read posts by others saying they get no response from them. The US distributors of Shadow, Music Corp, indicate on their website that they do not handle Shadow warranty repair and to call Shadow, but there is no telephone number listed and the only number on the Shadow USA website is in Germany. So I wondered if anyone had any ideas for me? As to both what this problem might be and the best way to handle getting it fixed. If anyone has had success getting warranty work done on an esonic please let me know how you went about it. thanks
  14. Thanks for the link. I did some research and ordered a gold Switchcraft from Allparts for $15. It only has two lugs that correspond with my current set up. I think this might do the trick for me. I certainly appreciate your help. This is my first acoustic so forgive my stupid questions. I am cautious in my approach to ripping up the electronics, though I have five electrics and have done work on all of them. In two cases I have completely replaced everything, so I am familiar with a soldering iron. Thanks again for your suggestions.
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