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  1. rocked both for a bit, the ri stayed around. the black top, i dont know. something wasnt right about it, and i agree its strange having hbs in a tele, but it adds a little flavour you wouldnt expect. also. teles have really high out put scs in them. you can get some really heavy tones and some nice distortion from them with out them screaming in your face. use the tone knob on the tele and you can dial the sc plink out and it starts to growl like crazy. all sorts of nasty.
  2. Guys, this is THE Jake Ludwig we are talking about here.. Show some Respect. this thread is incredible, thank you for the AMAZING read this morning... "honey come to bed" "i cant, some one is wrong on the internet!" Love that sig
  3. carv3r


    i live in ontario CANADA.. i had a package get fed exed from Washington, so the other coast. it ended up in Ontario California,... the best part was it was delivered to the address in california. dropped off never to be seen again.. so some person in California,. is wearing my t shirts...
  4. ive owned three of them, and all of them were awesome guitars, the RG570 i had was one of the japan made and it was hands down the fastest tightest neck with breath on it to fret a note action, i also had an iceman that was kinda cool but more of a neat looking body then a sound in its own right, the iceing on the cake was the s470DX i had. the slim body and nice neck honestly put out such a huge sound.. i eneded up passing that s470 to a dude that needed a heavier sound for his crappy metal band that he was trying to play a mustang in. so i traded him, and i miss the s470 but i have had a lot of fun modifying the mustang so it was a win win. check out the s 470 rg's are wicked and you cant go wrong, but you may like the body of the s a little more one you stand with it. edit Searcy, that is one hell of a pool route! lol
  5. r and r.. damn right,. the drive to play and disect comes and goes but the love for music will always be there.. i dont find my self turning away from rock, actually i find the opposite, the older i get the more i drop the thrash and metal and the more i move into blues and rock.
  6. bender for life,.. thank you for a perfect post.
  7. hearders heard, its how they roll. my friend has two of them, i have a 5 year old son,. they all try to keep him in their circle and when he tries to leave the will nip his hand or arm and try to lead him back into the group.. they dont bite hard. they dont even really bite. they use their mouth like we would use a hand,. they are trying to guide. you know the difference in a dog. you can see in their eyes when they have "Snapped" and are acting out of agression. to avoid this from happening. simply see your guests out. your dog will see that you (the master) is aiding this person out of the group and they wont 2nd guess your action.
  8. man, as a guy from the east coast that now lives in ontario,. that stitched my gut, :) thanks man.
  9. yeah they are calling them "select guitars for select players" aka.. do you have some giant ape nuts you need to swing around. buy one of these. im a fan of fender. hell.. i will say i love some tones i get from my fenders.. but this whole maple top thing is stupid. Godin for example has a Godin Signature series with a AA Graded Canadian Maple top. they are beautiful and figured like crazy, they retail for about 1000... i would bet that the top on these fenders is par with the godins but 4 times the price. i guess im just not a "select" PAYER
  10. these are very nice, and only like 4k... so yeah.. better come with a game genie so i can beat mario.
  11. ive been wanting a Telecaster for a while now.. i think i may go pick one up today. i have the SG and The explorer, and a mustang i love.. so im thinking the telecaster would be a nice spectrum to bring in.
  12. i like how the guy says Toronto. :) and also he seems like someone i would know. love it as for the guitar. that fret board must have shrunk.. id hope it did atleast. lately Gibsons QC has been like Fenders QC in the 70's
  13. carv3r


    apple core. (what you find in the center of an apple) i will stay out of your elitest bs thread. it is yours to do what you want with after all.
  14. carv3r


    man, i just said i liked em a bit, i didnt post a video... you have sand in your vagina for no reason. i dont even know what mallcore is. are we fighting now? man.. i dont want that.. internet fight.. i cant handle this right now. :)
  15. looks awesome. play the **** out of it now.
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