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    Maybe this photo can help you: I'm not shure if the Bigsby is original. With regards, Pie_err.
  2. This is what I found: That brings up the question of how the '69 ES-150 got its name. It bears little resemblance to the 16" wide, non-cutaway ES-150 model that was Gibson's first electric hollowbody in 1936. The '69 ES-150 is unique (it's the only full-depth, double-rounded cutaway, electric archtop Gibson ever made), so its association with the pre-war ES-150 is all the more curious. At a $495 list price in 1970, the ES-150 was priced between Gibson's two most popular full-depth electrics, the single cutaway ES-175 (two pickup version) and the non-cutaway ES-125. The full name of the production model was ES-150DC. "DC" did not stand for double pickup and cutaway, but for double cutaway body shape. The ES-150DC was available in walnut (DCW), natural (DCN), or cherry finish (DCH). The significance of the "H" is unknown. The ES-150DC was moderately successful. Its biggest year was 1973, when 285 walnut and 132 natural models were shipped (the cherry finish was dropped after the first year). In 1975, its last year of production, a total of 212 instruments were shipped. By comparison, 401 ES-175s were shipped that year. Neither the ES-150 nor ES-175 approached the sales of Gibson's semi-hollow thinline models (ES-335, ES-345, ES-355). In 1973, Gibson shipped 1,793 standard cherry finish ES-335s. Gibson still makes the ES-175, but stopped producing the ES-150 after building a total of 2,427 units; make that 2,428 if you want to count this early experiment. (George Gruhn Guitar Player Rare Bird Column January 1993) With regards, Pie_err.
  3. Hi everybody, A few weeks ago I bought a beauty: Gibson ES 150 DCH. It's serialnumber is: 906943. Can somebody tell me if it's made original with the Bigsby. Can somebody also tell me what it's worth these days? It plays very nice and it looks like new. Here are some pics: With regards, Pie_err
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