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  1. Thank you all for the replies, my apologies for the (very) late response, I had a scary health problem, an ordeal that started only a few days after my original post. I am glad to say though that I am back and thank God, healthy and strong. I haven't been playing my ES-175 much but I 've slowly re-started to do that. I will leave it at stock for now and will post back later. To me it sounds that this is a decent (for the money) guitar obviously a good guitarist will make it sound better than ...me! A good amp is also something that should be considered in the equation. Again, thanks to all of you, 'till later! PS: I do not have a picture of my Epi but it looks exactly like the one in the website: The only change I made is put grover deluxe tombstone tuning keys which btw feel much better than the original stock tuners from here --> http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/tuners_groverdlx.htm , it's the best price online I could find and they work great!
  2. Hello all! I have recently acquired a used Epiphone ES-175. I am hoping to use this forum to discuss with all of you and especially the more experienced anything that will improve the playability, versatility, overall value of this instrument. I will start with few of the most obvious (and commonly discussed) upgrades (points #1-#4) and also ask about one mod (#5) that has been puzzling me for a long time: 1. I feel as if the amplified sound of this guitar is overall OK but for those with more expectations the sound is lacking when compared with the real thing (Gibson, duh!). So I hear the most logical path is replace them. Now this is a subject covered a lot but in my opinion there is no consensus as to what would be the best drop-in replacement for the original Epi pickups. 2. When it comes to wiring and even pickup placement there seem to be a lot of opinions. Is this guitar going to sound best using the standard wiring or there is some margin for experimentation? Also, I have seen some ES-175 (or any dual humbucker guitar anyway) with the PUs inverted by 180 degrees. This way the bridge PU should sound less bright and the neck PU should sound less bassy, am I right about that? Why would anyone do that? This way the sound from each PU gets more "similar" to the other, isn't this the opposite of what most players are after? 3. Seems like ALL the electronic components on the Epi ES-175 are -well- on the ...cheap side. Can anyone suggest what is best: Just change PUs, Toggle Switch, Pots and Jack, or go for the entire harness as well. Any retail suggestions where to find these items? Also, do you think it is a good idea to install a (square or oval) reinforcement plate around the jack? I mean yes, it will make this area stronger but still that would require drilling 4 holes on the guitar. 4. What is the proper height of the strings over -say- the 12th fret (what whatever fret # the specs call for). I have a feeling that mine is set up on the low side, and sometimes when I strum or play solos/riffs hard, the strings (especially the low E and A) touch the neck PU. Is this normal? I do not think so. 5. How about this mod, now: Would it make sense to install a stop-bar instead of the standard trapeze (is this how it's called, "trapeze" ?) string retainer? Is this possible? Is this going to improve/worsen sustain, sound, playability, etc. Is this at all possible or am I just talking nonsense here? (lol) Sorry about all these questions, take your time and "fire" at your leisure/convenience! Thank you all very much! Dimi Pana PS: On #2, the reason I am asking about re-wiring is this: On my Epi, with the toggle switch in the middle position, if any of the two volume pots is between 0 and 2 and a half, I get no sound at all. I mean at this (middle position) in order to get sound from any pickup the other PU has to be at least at setting 3 or more. For some reason (in this mid position) either volume pot acts as a master cut on any setting below say (roughly) 3, regardless of the other volume pot setting. Is this normal?
  3. 4Hayden, thank you for your message, it's good to feel welcome.

    I am a 50 y.o. guy, living in Chicago IL. I am professionally trained in computers/IT but I used to play guitar when I was much younger. So now I want to make my "come-back" (lol).

    I have just bought an Epiphone ES-175 and looking forward to some feedback/advice on some questions I have about this ...

  4. Welcome to the forum !

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