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  1. Somehow you appear to have created a freaky double post by replying? But anyway I thought we were in the Les Paul Forum so didn't need to specify. My Bad
  2. I like it ...My band does a LZ mash up so may try and work this in somehow
  3. Thanx Surfpup that's the sort of response I was looking for rather than a lecture on why I shouldn't set my string height too low
  4. I've just ordered a string height guage and wondered what is generally deemed as a good low action at the 12th for both E strings...
  5. I've just ordered a string height guage and wondered what is generally deemed as a good low action at the 12th for both E strings...
  6. My Grandad was 8th Army , a desert rat and got thru' WW2 unscathed. However he was a Sheffield cutlery maker and lost his thumb to a steam hammer pressing dessert spoons ...Ironic or what
  7. Happy memories of Prague and Novo Mesto which I visited a few too many years ago on an exchange with the local running club
  8. Thanx Farnsbarns I'm no granny but I do suck ! I am speaking into the pups with strings on albeit muted strings and it does come straight thru the amp...Haven't tried it without strings. Are you saying that picking up a snare is ok then unlike RCT ? fyi in this situation we are rehearsing in the round so to speak and I'm facing the drummer which is of course somewhat unusual. BTW I'm not using the amps reverb at all but I guess a movement of air big enough to rattle the amp would produce a sound. We aren't that loud at rehearsals but the backline does get up at gigs as we don't mic any of it a
  9. Thanx for all your responses folks. Last night I took the pickups out and added a bit of foam behind which has helped to stablize them a little too. I think it has actually improved the sound ...seems a bit more defined maybe even a bit fatter. Pups are still microphonic though but maybe not as much but you can certainly hear your voice coming back if you speak loudly into them.But as I said I don't have the screaming feedback problem on stage so happy at the moment as I get a great sound. As an aside I think I have now confirmed that the pups are Shaws as they have the magic No PAT No 273
  10. Thanx RCT but as I said I'm not swawking at normal gig levels.....yet....but maybe that's coming
  11. I've noticed more and more that my '87 Les Paul is somewhat microphonic. I don't have a feedback problem during gigs unless I'm really close to the amp but wondered what if anything I could do to improve matters. Basically when I'm rehearsing if the drummers hits his snare hard then I can actually hear that thru' my amp. Also I can talk into the pickups and they work like a mic. I'm liking my tone so don't want to mess with them too much. I've heard that packing the cavity with foam can help which sounds an easy fix or getting the pickups potted but I don't really want to do that especially as
  12. Wish I was not as greater player as Bernie
  13. Agreed great drumming to what must be one of Rocks best ever riff's. Just a shame there's some idiot talking all over it
  14. Amazing he's still alive....but a quick skip through the set sounded like they were playing the same song for 40 mins !
  15. Where abouts do you live ????? I use Allianz. Good value cover with low excess. Haven't had to claim though , luckily.
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