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  1. Thanx I'd appreciate that..I'm on


  2. The finger lift - I can't seem to avoid that on thin-necked guitars lol on my LP it's reduced but I wouldn't worry. I've been playing for 8 years and it works alright for me.

    Btw...good luck with "Goodbye To Romance". That's BY FAR my favorite Randy solo.

  3. Hello! Thanks for the comment.

    I actually learned the majority of "Crazy Train by watching the YouTube video "Crazy Train Afterhours" which is a recorded practice sesssion w/ Randy.

    I learned most of the fills w/ tabs though. If you're interested I can email them to ya.

  4. Nice cover of Crazy Train..did you learn it from a tab or by ear..? I'd appreciate a tab if you have one ..Just learning Goodbye to Romance solo at the moment. I notice your finger lift is quite high. That's something I'm trying to reduce at the moment in an "attempt" to improve speed. How long have you been playing?

  5. I just love my LP

  6. Here's mine an '87 I've recently bought and very happy with.
  7. Just got a Striker 422 with no allen keys. Can anyone please`advise where I can get spares from. I'm in the U.K.Presume you can also use these to lower the action as well?
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