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  1. Hello! Somebody around me is selling a "Limited Edition Grey Robot Gibson SG" for best offer. I was wondering what you guys think of the value of it is? Here are some pics of it: He says it's two year ago but I don't know when it was made. I've never owned a Gibson but would love to. Thanks a lot! Tyler Sorry if it's in the wrong forum
  2. Thanks a lot everyone!! What do you think would be a good price for this old epi? Thanks!
  3. I am thinking about buying this green Epiphone Les Paul Studio, but I was wondering if it was fake/real He said the Serial Number is EE04074191. Also is $330 a good price for an 8 years old Epiphone Les Paul Studio? Thank you!! Tyler
  4. Ok Thanks! I love the look of the fireburst but didn't want to pay $400 just for an awesome paint job. I'll go for the fireburst. :)
  5. Why does the Fireburst Gibson Les Paul Studio cost $400 more than the Worn Cherry? I love the Fireburst but can't justify $400 just for looks. Is there anything different (upgrades?) about the Fireburst? Thanks! ;)
  6. ok... well note to self, only buy from authorized dealers. Thanks a lot!!
  7. just out of curiosity, what about this epi? (not a slash one) http://london.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-guitars-Epiphone-Les-Paul-Gold-Top-W0QQAdIdZ324068138 I really want a real epiphone/gibson! I've never owned one before. Thanks! :)
  8. well he's not answering so I'll assume it's a fake, thanks for the help guys!!!
  9. Ok, thanks! asked for more pics, I will post them when I get them.
  10. I'm thinking about buying a Slash Epiphone Goldtop but do not know if it's fake. Is it fake? It does not come with a certificate of authenticity http://london.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-guitars-Slash-Signature-Les-Paul-Standard-Epiphone-Goldtop-Guitar-W0QQAdIdZ324266300 Thanks a lot!
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