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  1. I saw one at GC the other day and I've seen epiphones that look much better. They used to be nice, now they don't look so hot.
  2. Its an epiphone. I'm guessing its poly since they don't specify on the site.
  3. I've noticed on my brand new 58' Explorer that there are some cracks in the finish on and near where the neck joins the body. Is this typical or should I have it checked out?
  4. Gotta love Anderton's! They've got a great channel on youtube.
  5. What amps will work well for bringing out that classic explorer tone? NOT an amp for metal, more like classic rock.
  6. Looks like ephiphone has wised up and posted some useful information, http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Designer/1958-Korina-Explorer.aspx maybe they read the form. their information about the body material is contradictory though, it says mahogany in one place and korina in the other, when its 100% korina.
  7. Yeah, its solid, no veneers. Thanks for your help RTH!
  8. I think I meant to say its not a single piece of wood.
  9. I know for sure that its not solid because I can see distinct lines on the edges where they pieced together the body.
  10. Does the Epiphone 1958 korina explorer have korina veneers on lesser quality korina, or is it a different wood?
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