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  1. Did a little research and it seems like the vintage Tune-O-Matics are supposed to have the intonation screws facing the neck, while the newer Nashville Tune-O-Matics have them facing the tail piece. It probably doesn't make a bit of difference but it is just a nit-pick of mine.
  2. Little bit of an "odd duck" here... SG Special in Satin Ebony. Basically a black Faded-series with 490 pickups and a nice hardshell case. Quick question, if the bridge intonation screws are supposed to face the neck then why does Gibson consistently put the bridges on backwards?
  3. All that I have is the Dot Deluxe and Les Paul Pro/FX. Great guitars those Epiphones are!
  4. Haha that is the tough part. I love the "thrill of the hunt" and flipping these beauties. I "may" keep this, however. I've never had a semi- hollow and this was purchased solely with the profits from other sales.
  5. Just wanted to point out my experience with Gibson Customer Service this morning: Called at 9:14 am and was speaking to a human being (Vince) by 9:14:37 am. :37 seconds and I had a knowledgeable employee who answered all of my questions, with technical data, that he knew off of the top of his head. No holding, no waiting, no BS. Great job Gibson!
  6. Just to throw in my two cents... My Dot Deluxe flame-top is a 2005 Made in China and has a Mahogany neck. I can tell because there is a scratch near the nut that reveals dark mahogany, not maple.
  7. 2005 Made in China. Nice flamed-maple top (although it isn't "bookmatched" per se) in great condition. I'll buff out any slight scratches and she'll look like new. Very thick neck and sweet playing guitar. Total cost was $200 with a nice all-wood acoustic case. Not a huge margin for profit, if I decide to sell, but I'll keep it for a while and see if I like it. I tell you, the Chinese made Epiphones that I have seen have all been top-notch guitars.
  8. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/msg/2751749524.html Craig's, so no shipping. Condition is supposed to be "good" nothing major. 2005 maybe, Chinese made?
  9. $200 for a sunburst Dot Deluxe with a "make shift" case (acoustic case probably)? What say ye? May be from the late 90's...
  10. There is NO way that you tried calling them... I have never waited. That is right, I have never been put on hold once I navigated (if you can even call it that) through the automated menu. Three rings and a person, every time.
  11. Try the phone... Seriously, I hate when people complain about the speed of email responses when the company has a phone listed. Are we that disinclined to have human interaction that email has replaced the use of call centers, when available? The last time I contacted them, they were very helpful and sent a little care package for my trouble (there was a T-Shirt, as well, but I was wearing it during the photo): One of the best companies I have had to deal with... We'd all be so lucky to have evryone follow their customer service model.
  12. Can't speak for the Blackback but I love my Pro/FX. Build quality was very, very good. The Floyd Rose is a huge pain the rear to get setup but once it is, things are great. Not much difference in tone and sustain from the Tune-o-matic and stopbar. Also worth mentioning is that I needed to have one of the volume/coil split pots and also the input jack replaced free under warranty. The physical guitar is wonderful, the electronics suck. The pickups sound great, however. I picked mine up from Musician's Friend for $399 - 15% about 3 months ago. After all of the minor hassles with it, Music
  13. If I remember correctly, it also had a small oval-shaped black sticker with gold print that stated "Handcrafted in China" on it... The joint for the "wings" of the headstock were very visible, as well. The binding was very yellowish instead of creme.
  14. Nope... F123456789 10123456789 However, the "gold" number was printed partially on top of the indented number. The "gold" number looked similar to the one on my Made in China Pro/FX.
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