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  1. I have a 1963 (or 1964) FT45 Cortez looks like yours with tobacco burst; bought it for $50 in 1965. Best 50 bucks I ever spent. Been playing it ever since; it's aged beautifully in tone and appearance. Here's a recent sample of my best friend in action:
  2. My first and favourite guitar of all time. I'm now the proud owner of 3 early '60s Kalamazoo FT Cortez. I always get compliments on their beautiful sweet mellow tone. And I think they're beautiful. For those who haven't seen this pic, here's my little collection:
  3. I'd be careful with water. I learned the hard way that Epiphone used some kind of special lacquer finish back then that doesn't respond well to water. After I did a lot of damage, a luthier showed me the only safe cleaning fluid he trusts not to damage this kind of finish: Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #7 (used for show cars). Gibson Guitar Polish is also safe. It took a lot of Meguiar's and elbow grease to repair the damage I did with water on a cloth.
  4. First guitar I ever bought was a '63 Cortez, and I'm still playing it regularly. It aged beautifully in tone and appearance, and it always gets compliments. Congrats on recognizing the value there. But regarding the case, my original was cardboard (with fake alligator skin) with a very cheap and unreliable clasp, so you might want to save the case for future sale to collector (I also have that little booklet) but I wouldn't trust that case at all; your Cortez is worth investing $100 for a hard shell case. I loved it so much I bought 2 more along the way (used for alternate tunings). Original is on the right in the photo.
  5. Anyone have information or experience with a Baritone acoustic guitar? I'm looking to purchase one, and started with an Epi search, but Epi only seems to sell electric baris. Any old acoustic Epi Bari models out there?
  6. A little unplanned accompaniment at an open mic improvised blues jam. No great playing, no effects, just straight through the PA board, but that old Kalamazoo Epi still sounds great to me. Best 50 bucks I ever spent. Happy Holidays everyone. 1963 Cortez FT45
  7. Not sure if this is a rare sighting, but looked interesting: Described as: Epiphone half stack tube amp and cab. Eminence speaker. stock - barely used, $200. Stratford, Canada.
  8. Thanks for mentioning this early Cortez FT45. I've got a modest collection and totally love these guitars. In the pic, the 2 on the outside are both 1963s; bought the one on the right in 1964 for $50. Best 50 bucks I ever spent. All 3 are played all the time (2 in alternate tunings) and always get a great response. I think they age really well and actually improve in tone and appearance (the reddish tint turns to a honey brown). Great playability, feather-touch action, consistently low action right up the fret-board. Especially great as an accompanist guitar: mellow, cantina-type sound great for double stops. The one in the ad you've posted looks to be in great condition, but according to the Guitar Dating Project - Guitar Dater - and Walther Carter's serial number list - Epi site - this would be an early-1962 (not '63 as advertised). This is the first Cortez I've ever seen with a 5-digit code (usually 6-digits). Thanks for posting this. ps, any other Cortez-lovers out there?
  9. Epiphone FT-145 were called Texans The originals made in Kalamazoo in the 1960s have a blue sticker inside with a 6-digit Serial Number, also stamped on the back on the headstock. You can use the number to find the manufacturing date and location through the Guitar Dater Project: Guitar Dater Prices range widely; a Kalamazoo model in excellent condition could run over $2000. Japanese models sell for maybe $500. Check e-bay, Elderly Music, etc. Others here might have more info.
  10. Posted this in Gibson Lounge, but this "all other Gibson USA models" might be the better forum to re-post this question. Anyone have any experience with the Gibson Chet Atkins Nylon CE (Classical Electric)? It's a solid body electric classical with nylon strings, and doesn't seem to appear on any of the Gibson forums. I'm considering buying one, so looking for experiences and opinions of anyone who's played one. Thanks
  11. Anyone have any experience with the Gibson Chet Atkins Nylon CE (Classical Electric)? It's a solid body electric classical with nylon strings, and doesn't seem to appear on any of the Gibson forums. Considering buying one, so I'm looking for others' experiences and opinions. Thanks
  12. Hi WD "Mega Star" isn't a measure of talent or musicianship or musical taste; it's a measure of record & concert sales. Frampton had 1976 album of the year (over 6 million sales) that Wikipedia (for what it's worth) called "one of the biggest selling albums of all time". And he's playing in front of 100,000 paying listeners. So that qualifies as "mega star" for me, whether I like the music or not. I'm not an ABBA fan, but admit they're mega stars by sales alone. Same with Justin Beiber: sad to say, but even with his minimal musical talent he has to qualify as a Mega Star ($50 million+ a year!). Anyway, for me the thrill of that Frampton video is seeing a Texan (probably early '60s Kalamazoo) with that beautiful "honey burst" finish - don't see too many of those. Thanks GuitarLight for posting that old vid.
  13. Thanks retro, those YouTube vids are mostly from a couple years ago; plenty of practice since then, maybe I'll post some updates with thee olde Epiphone. And milod's right; Ian Tyson is a great singer-songwriter; his Four Strong Winds was voted all-time best Canadian song. And I saw Sylvia do a live concert last year; great performance. Very nostalgic. By the way, I live near a town called Birr, just north of London. Aptly named!
  14. Born & raised and never left. Proud compatriot of: Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, Lenny Breau, Bruce Cockburn, Daniel Lanois, Ed Bickert, Colin James, Rick Emmet, Robbie Robertson, Jeff Healey, Alex Lifeson, Randy Bachman, Amos Garrett, Liona Boyd, k.d.laing, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, to name a few musical Canucks. Must be the cold winters - makes ya stay inside and practice.
  15. Here's rare clip; PM introducing "For No One" to George Martin in studio, playing his 1964 Texan upside down (the "E" is above the sound-hole)
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