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  1. Thanks guys, I won't take any chances with this one! :P
  2. He also said that electronis have been completely redone to have better sound with the pickups... here's better quality pics:
  3. pickups are Peter Florance pickups
  4. I've been offered a trade for this les paul guitar and I would like to know the value of it. Serial: 00170420
  5. I finally bought bought the ESP Eclipse II ASCB. I'll change the emg's and go for my favorite SD JB :P With a SD Jazz or 59 in the neck. But if I want to do coil split what do I need to buy?
  6. Well I'll go for an esp Eclipse II ACSB and change the pickups then..
  7. They sell them for over 1600$ brand new (only at guitar center). The pick ups are splitable. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Studio-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar-105475420-i1476659.gc So is 995$ shipped a good price or should I wait for something better and pay more? My budget is around 1300$ Thanks
  8. So this would be a Les Paul Studio Deluxe but older model? With a pick guard? And how much is that guitar worth? (would be my first les paul)
  9. I would like more info on this guitar. It looks a lot like the Les Paul Studio Deluxe 60 but weigh a pick guard. It was made in 2009 but why is the word standard on it and not deluxe? And what are the pick ups on this guitar? Serial # 017090308 Thanks
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