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    Plug-In EQ's

    what i miss in your bundles is an eq mix of the best functions of Dmg Audio Equality, Fabfilter ProQ and Voxengo Gliss Eq3. From the DMG Audio Equality the auto listen function. The Slope function between 6 and 48db. This is what i really miss in your eq's. From The Gliss Eq the dynamic behaviour and the Multiple cross-track spectrum analyzer. Think about.
  2. My first choice is Pro Tools 10 native, but if I need to do a bounce quickly, I use Logic. Since I do mostly location work, I often have to bounce a 2 to 3 hour show for rough mixes, so sometimes it's hard to justify tying up the computer for that long.
  3. In G.I. Blues, after I imform The King about the NCR Supply Drops, I'm told to go somewhere. In this area I go to, NCR and Pacer are fighting. The Fallout New Vegas Wiki tells me to talk to Elizibeth, but if I walk over to her, she and the NCR shoot me... Any help?
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