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  1. I just got off the phone with a major guitar distributor and he said that the ebony Classic Custom has been discontinued for now. Did anyone else hear about that? Glad I got mine. I wonder if this was just some kind of test for Gibson to try out these models and now they are going to move on. They seem like they are super sellers and I have not heard one bad thing about them.I love mine! He also said that the other colors are very limited.
  2. Idont use any polish or wax of any kind on any of my Gibsons. I just wipe her down after im done.I have one polishing cloth i use on the strings and one for the wood. I also wash my hands before I play.If it gets sweat spots that dry on it, I take a damp polishing cloth and gently clean off the sweat. I have seen and heard of too many nitro finishes getting messed up if you dont polish it right.Whatever you do , dont let any kind of polish dry on it.
  3. It has to be weight releaved , not chambered. My Gold top is a Traditional with weight releif and my new clasic custom is deff heavier. When I first took the Custom out of the case ,I was like, wow this sucker is heavy! It is probably heavier due to the Grovers and more binding. Im on day 3 of playing it.I did a head to head comparison with my rosewood vs baked maple.The baked maple is just a better sound.Snappier,punchier,more articulate,smoother, great low end, very clear. I feel sorry for my Gold top, I dont want to stop playing my Custom.
  4. I cant stop playing this guitar.Its official, I love this guitar !! I have been trying to post some pics but it keeps telling me file is too large. How do I do it? Thanks Ray
  5. I recieved my Ebony Classic Custom from Sweetwater yesterday.I bought it without ever trying out the new fret board material.I just figured if I didnt like it I could return it and get somthing else.First I would like to say im 44 years old been playing since I was twelve and have owned many Gibson Lespauls.I was VERY skeptical with this new finger board material and swore I would not buy one.After playing it for about 6 hours all I can say is FANTASTIC. It has a feel of ebony, very nice feeling.Sounds a little brighter than rosewood.I am very anal with the feel and sound of guitars and this thing delivers.Try one out and you will see what im talking about. Rob Chappers on utube describes it to a tee.Its exactly my opinion as well.After owning and playing all 3 kinds of boards, I would most deff choose the baked maple over the rosewood hands down.I do not work for or am afiliated with Gibson whatsoever just my findings for a controversial subject.I hope they continue to make these.Ray
  6. Ordered a Ebony Classic Custom from sweet water yesterday.I wanted to go with the cream color but the ebony was calling my name.Cant wait to get it. Hope they do make this a limited run like the website states.
  7. IF Gibson does get all it's Rosewood/Ebony back, and has no more trouble, acquiring more, they may, indeed, decide to go back to those exclusively. In which case, I'll have a rarer version. Not always a bad thing, you know? Very good point. and I agree with you ,if the baked maple sounds good and plays good I am deff getting the Cream colored!!
  8. On the product page of this site when you click the specks on the right hand side it says "" every Studio Classic Custom comes with hard shell case and liftetime warranty" I really like the cream color but I want to try out that baked maple board.My opinion on this whole fretboard issue with Gibson is that they are going to end up with all of their wood back and the baked maple will fall by the way side. But what do I know ,just my opinion.I just dont think they are going to get the die hard Gibson guys to bite on these new fret boards.I myself am very skepticle but if it sounds and feels good im in! Cant wait to try one out.
  9. These new guitars look great.For all of you guys that have purchased them what are your opinions and observations of the baked maple fret boards? I mean as far as sound, playability and anything else you can say about them.I have also notice on the product page when checking them out they are calling these "Studio Classic Customs". Are these studios ? Thanks in advance Ray
  10. Dont let this sway you from buying your lespaul.I personally will never buy another guitar without playing it and doing a complete look over.My Gold top that I played and checked out after returning the other two is perfect.I feel that in the past couple of years they have let a lot of Guitars pass inspection that would of been put in the dumpster as seconds because of the economy.This is no excuse!Instead of letting some of these guitars pass they should just raise the price and let people decide if they want to spend the extra money for a PERFECT Les paul or spend the money else where.Just make sure that wherever you order your new guitar from that they have a good return policy on special order guitars.Guitar Center was great and provided me with excellant service.My sales person told me whatever I wanted to do would be fine.They even gave me an extra 15% of on the Gold top because they new I really wanted a Burst and I settled for what was in stock.So in total they gave me 30% off on it. Just be sure to look the guitar of your dreams over from top to bottom.Good luck and enjoy the new fiddle!
  11. Epiphone case?? Take a look at the Epiphone cases and you wont believe the quality of them.I bought my son a black Epiphone Les paul 2 years ago and I couldnt believe the quality of his case over my standard Gibson Lp. I just went and grabbed his case to compare to my new Traditional Gold top case and it is night and day.His case has thicker vinyl, more cushion, better hinges and weighs considerbly more.What is going on in Nashville Gibson?? Does any body care about quality there any more.I understand you need to cut costs to stay in business but give us a choice of what we want and need.A custom Les Paul in a crap case I couldnt believe it when I saw this post.
  12. The Gold top was perfect.I looked it over and played it for about an hour.I really wanted a Burst but Gold Tops are nice as well.I want to get an SG next when I get my income tax return but im concerned about potential quality issues.They have one in stock at GC that I can see they cut the nut too far down into the neck.When you buy Gibson you should be pumped and excited like a kid on Christmas eve but if I have to order my SG im going to be worried sick about quality issues! This just aint right!
  13. Thats funny,LOL I didnt think about that very funny though!!
  14. I first would like to start off by saying that I know from other posts about quality control problems but I would like to share my situation with you guys and maybe, just maybe Gibson will start to take notice,I doubt it but we gotta try. Last month I purchsed a brand new Les Paul Traditional in Light burst from GC. They had it in stock at their ware house and had it shipped to my house.Well guitar arrives at my house in Gibson shipping box.Im extremely excited to say the least.I unpack it open up the case and notice that there are pieces of wood missing on the rosewood fret board in about 3 spots.Sorry no pics,Im very bummed but I still remove it from the case upon furth inspection I notice that the tail piece has been installed crooked! almost on the sam angle as the bridge.I immediatley pack it up and take it back to GC.They cant belive it and say over the last couple of years it becoming an issue that they have discussed with their Gibson rep. They return it with no problems but no more Light bursts in stock,so I said ship me a Honey Burst.Well, UPS arrives I hurry up and unpack it everything seems okay then I see it! The binding on the cut out is off now I know from previous les pauls I had that they are all off a little this one is off so much you can stick a quarter in it.It looks like the didnt wrap it well when they glued it.It would deff come apart eventually so back to GC for return.Went home with a traditional Gold top. I have been a fan of ALL Gibson Guitars since I was a kid.I love the sound the feel the heart and soul of these guitars but come on!! These things cost over$2000 bucks.Gibson please !!! Please revamp your quality controll departments, maybe hire some people who actually care about the Guitars they build. I examined about 6 Lespauls at GC and 3 of them had issues that I showed the sales people they couldnt belive it when I pointed it out.Am I being too annal?? You betcha I am!! for the money these cost I DONT WANT FLAWS GIBSON!!! Sorry this is a long post I just felt like venting about it. PS My sons Epiphone Les Paul is flawless and so were all of the ones at GC. Maybe they are trying to tell us somthing
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