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  1. sorry if i haven't been posting been busy with school and also trying to get girls by playing guitar, so how have you guys been? got some guitar and synth weirdness to go along with my absence
  2. It won't let me start Chrome either, I guess I'm going to have to throw this laptop out, I'm on my iPad btw
  3. I'm on my iPad, so I was browsing the Internet like I usually do, I notice that google chrome has closed and I check the task bar and there is this fake antivirus program that's titled Win7 defender, I tried to get on the net to find some solutions to remove this virus but it would not let me start all 3 of my browsers :( this is why I'm getting a mac
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_qcjSgtyT8 UNBELIEVEABLE!!! CANINE DRIVES CAR!!!!!!!
  5. If the end of the world does come, I'll probably die using my C64!
  6. The game is called Mean Streak, I have the sound cranked on my TV so I can make you guys hear the SID chip :3 I love the sound of that chip!
  7. I play Angus Young heavy on all my guitars, including the ones with heavier strings
  8. Happy Birthday, Heres a Commodore 64 to make you feel old :P
  9. Mine is on Photobucket somewhere but I cannot find it
  10. A Marshall one would be epic
  11. I would definitely crank that to 10. WARNING will do loads of solos and an occasional bad note
  12. Hey the Commodore 64 is not useless junk!
  13. Well Pippy, the browser for the 64 is called Lynx, Its a text based browser and you can connect to lots of modern websites, I've even Twittered from my C64!
  14. Yes I do, I love typing on the keyboard!
  15. Yes, I use my 64 regularly, the iPad, not so much because keyboard issues -sent from my 1983 Commodore 64 with a Comet64 Ethernet modem in the user port
  16. Sorry my mistakes were the Comet64 modem, and look it up, damn iPad keyboard -.-
  17. I have a modem that you can buy for your C64 that's called a Cmet64 modem, lol look it p
  18. Firstly, the C64 is not useless junk! it can be used for retrogames, MIDI processing and sequencing and making music, and internet connectivity with the right apps and the right modem, Im using mine with a Comet64 which is a modem that converts RS232 serial into Ethernet, so therefore, your argument is invalid, and im using a Commodore 1351 mouse with it too -Sent from my 1983 Commodore 64 with a Comet64 modem
  19. I've been thinking, since I use a Commodore 64, what things do the two have? -Sent from my 1983 Commodore 64 with a Comet64 modem
  20. If i had the crazy amount of money I would get that, restring it for right handed and then play on that thing :3
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