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  1. Hi Aster, Writing to epiphone/gibson customer support was the first thing i did. And this is the mail they replied to me: "Thank you for writing. This appears consistent with a 2011 Inspired by John Lennon Casino. The pickups were made by Gibson USA, but as they were built specifically for Epiphone for use in these models, they are labeled “Epiphone” on the pickup. Unfortunately, we aren’t certain about the lack of the black toggle switch washer. Thank you for the inquiry." THEN i called to my epiphone dealer (in Argentina) inquiring about the scam, but they were surprised too as they looked their stock being labeled "epiphone usa EP90", and they still have no response from epiphone/gibson usa. As you could read, this pickups are "MADE BY" gibson built SPECIFICALLY for this model... SO i conclude is not a GIBSON P90, probably different materials and manufacture standars were used to built this pickups instead of what real deal GIBSON P90 must use. Again, i'm not complaining about the sound of the pickups, but i still feel like i´ve been cheated because that "gibson usa p90" advertising was the main reason i bought this guitar, otherwise, i would have bought an epiphone casino with bigsby and then upgrade the pickups with real GIBSON P90.
  2. I'm agree with you, so the only thing i have to say is that changing the literature and maintaining the same pickups is a scam.
  3. Hungrycat, it's a shame to dissapoint you about the "EP90" Vs "Gibson P90". You could check it by yourself here: Epiphone Pickups Gibson P-90 Description: Historic '50s tone with classic "dogear" cover. Warm and soulful. Magnet: Alnico-V D.C. Resistance: 8.1K ohm Induction @ 1KHz: 6.433H Elitist EP-90 Description: Made by Gibson USA. Historic '50s tone with classic "dogear" cover. Warm and soulful. Magnet: Alnico-V D.C. Resistance: 8.1K ohm Induction @ 1KHz: 6.45H They are not the same pickups, there is no sense as you said about sticking a label for pickups that are going to be used on an Epiphone. So, can you tell me why epiphone and gibson company promote the Epiphone IBJL as being mounted with GIBSON P90, instead of warn that they are mounted with EP90 BY GIBSON?????
  4. Ok, i would like to see the face of a customer buying a Gibson USA ES-330 mounted with a P90 pickup and he found a label "EPIPHONE USA EP90". I don't think this guy would understand what this label is even when the customer service from Gibson tells him that those pickups where made BY gibson... but it's NOT gibson.
  5. I respect your choice, but what you prefer isn't always what you paid for... I also respect Gibson users as Fender or Epiphone or whatever brand of guitar you play with. But it's supposed that Gibson was a pionner in construction acustic and electric guitars as their hardware and pickups, and have auspiced many of the legends of blues and rock 'n roll. So if something it's labeled "Gibson USA" isn't the same as labeled "BY Gibson USA" or "Epiphone USA" or "Epibphone China", this label is the motivation for many guitar players, from begginers to professionals, to chose where their money is wasted ON. The same motivation makes someone to be identified with an specific sound, band, history, etc. I think the customer most be respected when a promotion is made and satisfy what is listed on the specs with no "between the lines". If you look at the specs for the EPIPHONE CASINO INSP. BY John Lennon, both at www.epiphone.com and wwww.gibson.com, you could read pickups: "GIBSON USA P90", but you aren't warned that the pickups are "Epiphone USA EP90", EVEN when they are "made by" Gibson for THIS specific model, they are NOT the REAL DEAL "GIBSON USA P90" pickups you expected. Sorry again for my inglish... i'm trying to do my best.
  6. 'm agree with you. I`m fine with the sound of my guitar, as well as i am with the sound of my Epiphone Les Paul Special II, my first guitar and the lowest price guitar from epiphone that you can afford. I was just asking about this topic, because i think the specs listed on the web site, make buyers think they are acquiring a guitar mounted WITH GIBSON USA P90, and the highest standards of manufacture and finest materials GIBSON is known for. If the guitar doesn't have what is listed with, the buyer is being cheated, EVEN when the final result sounds satisfactory. But we are talking about spending money in something you really wanted, because you can get a good sound from a Gibson and from an Ephiphone made in china as well. I just inquire what i paid for.
  7. Ok, i noticed some differences. Can you tell me the year of your Casino Inspired By. Did you look at the back of both pickups in your guitar, to be sure they are GIBSON USA P90, instead of "epiphone USA EP90" as in my guitar? That's my main concern. I choosed this model instead the regular or standard casino because of the Gibson P90 stock in the Inspired By John Lennon. Maybe somebody should change the specs from the web page and clarify that this model comes with Epiphone USA EP90, instead of GIBSON USA P90, because i feel like i've been cheated. Sorry about my english, it isn't my foreing language.
  8. Searching for some info about the suposed "Gibson P90" pickups that the Epiphone Casino Inspired By should have, this is what i found: My link Can anybody tell me something about those "epiphone usa EP90" pickups? I didn't get any reply from the customer service in epiphone asking about those pickups.
  9. Yesterday i bought an Epiphone Casino Inspired by John Lennon model, Serial Number: 11061500276. I took off both pickups and i noticed they didn't said any "gibson usa p90t and p90r" inscription, instead there is a label inscribed with "epiphone USA EP90". Are they really Gibson USA P90 or somebody change them before selling? My guitar also lack the black ring around the toggle switch as indicated at the web picture. How can i distinguish the "Inspired By" Casino, from the Standard Casino. Thank you very much.
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