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  1. mm odd it didn't show up..here it is www.TonePedia.com just click Acoustics and pick the guitars you like (-:
  2. I find the AJ-45ME really nice for the price. It is not as full-ranged as the Gibson J-45 but definitely has the dry characteristics associated with the model plus it is really nice to play. Visiting shops and talking to people I learnt that no many people (at least in Europe) pay attention to the masterbuilt Epiphone models and I find it a bit strange and in my opinion a marketing issue as most people associate Epiphone with the really low budget range. We have done our 1st acoustic session in TonePedia the other day and one of the 1st guitars we demoed was the AJ-45ME. We also demoed a Gibson J-45 but haven't uploaded it yet, it will be great to compare the two. I will upload them in the next few days or so. In the meanwhile if you feel like it check the Epi, I think that the sound speaks for itself.
  3. Thanks guys, yeah I am gonna check out the K&K... will update with the results
  4. Hi everyone, So it's time to get a pickup for my sweet lovely HOT 1966 Gibson J-50 guitar. She has the adjustable bridge (bone) which makes it a bit more tricky pickup wise.. This guitar is all about wood! extremely dry, resonant, full bodied and loud! and I want the pickup to bring that out! true tone.. I do not want to save money, not looking for an OK pickup but also not for an expensive pickup just for it's price.. Of course each guitar reacts different to the same pickup, so I'd like to hear about your experience on that matter. If anyone experienced different pickups with a vintage Gibson of the same style please do share your knowledge with me (-: I need it for live shows, big, small, solo and with a band, I play both finger-picking and strumming. Thanks in advance and cheers, J
  5. Definitely guys! It's a unique piece and indeed a combination of models like the Firebird and 335, IMO the head shape gives it more edge to the tone, it's like the bad girl of a 335 familiy I'll upload some more sound samples of it with OD , and I recommend trying one if you cross it sometime...
  6. For some time now I wanna sit down and do this sound sample. My favorite guitar of all - my '67 Trini Lopez in Burgundy Mist. Any others here play Trini? Isn't it a great guitar? So finally I sat down and played around, got some nice hybrid on it... http://www.tonepedia.com/electric-guitar/gibson-trini-lopez-1967-0
  7. Hi Guys, Yeah I know that they're similar to the deluxe model of 72-76 and not the ones that collectors seek for but being from 73 makes it more valuable than the 74-76 the market is flooded with. I mean, I haven't seen many 73 ones besides this one and few non original ones....not to even mention a 72 one.. Anyway here's a picture of the pots with are all from 1973 and the serial is 174*** which says it was made "approximately in: 1970, 1971 or 1972" - the usual serial number mess of Gibbys
  8. Hi there, It looks right to me, only it is not in it's original state... It was refinished, white is NOT it's original color. It was refinished over the original serial number and someone wrote the serial number you see over there - it is not original. Tuners were replaced too. Pots look OK, 73 if I see clearly. Looks like a vintage SG, refinished, few non original parts, but still a Gibson SG from the 70's
  9. Hi Guys, I own a beautiful 1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard! I love it. but I am not a HUGE LP Player...more into SG. The thing is that it is the best sounding LP I have ever played. Anyway, I am thinking about selling it, cause times are not easy, and I cannot find the actual value of a guitar of this sort. On eBay I only found repaired 73's, shops ask for a 74 4500$ give or take...no 73's I found... Is it really rare for a standard LP to be from 1973? I read it was custom order, only around 74 they began to be manufactured in bigger quantities... SO If any of you guys can share some info regards the rarity of these guitars and the average price I should get if selling it it'd be great. It's all original, in pretty clean condition, nothing changed. Also, if anyone got a chance to play other early 70's Standards I'd love to know if they all sound sooooo good... Find pic (yeah sorry just one) and demos of it here cheers and thanks! J
  10. Ok! I will do a demo showing all the options of the new LP ! hope this will solve everything. Will post it here after uploading it to Youtube & TonePedia. Cheers, J
  11. Dude so am I! Supposed to receive one if few weeks and can't wait to check it out, I got a feeling it'd sound great...
  12. Wow I will check into it! thanks for that, I just had a chambered LP not long ago (a lot lighter than this 2012) and I disliked it... Is it the same chambered body under a different name now? cause It sounds a lot better...
  13. What a GREAT topic!!!!!!! Here's my beloved 1964 SG Junior Polaris White, been with me for ages now!
  14. Hi All, I know there is a bit of controversy over the new Les Paul, is it good or not, necessary, what was wrong with the "old" les paul ect... Just wanted to share a private experience of mine with the new Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012. I had a chance to play one not long ago during a demo making and I liked it a lot. It has all the advantages of the old and loved Les Paul STD, sounds amazing and feels great, really smooth to play. It's heavy, but if you are a Les Paul fan you are OK with that, I prefer it to be heavey and not chambered god forbid (-; (really didn't like the chambered ones...) The Coil tap options and the bridge bypass option are great. Some try to compare it to a traditional Strat as it's the most known single coil guitar ever made I guess, but for me that wasn't the case. I was just amazed that it can sound like something else other than a Les Paul, and still sound GREAT! I don't look at it as a strat replacement, or anything like that, even though some people are fine with that, but as a cool feature that lets me bring out of my guitar a lot of great sounds... I do need some time to get used to all the positions though...a lot of push pulls (-: Just wanted to share this with you, is there anyone here who had tried the new les paul? I am sure people will be happy to hear your experience...I know I would if you want to hear the demos you can find them here
  15. True! but at least I got the chance of recording it and sharing it with you guys and i am happy about that. I still miss it!
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