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  1. I've been to all the Gibson factories, and I've been to 2 of the Samick factories, and I can categorically state that Gibson bodies are most definitely NOT made in China. Epiphone, yes, and there is a difference. This is why the internet is seriously flawed, and why the American love of "free speech" needs to be tempered with responsiibility. I would love to see Gibson take this further.
  2. As a guy who's been playing for a very long time, and who also owned a guitar shop, go for the guitar you like. But remember this: a Gibson ES335 will still be going strong in 40 years time, if you look after it, I doubt very much whether the alternatives mentioned by others will be around in 10 years. And imagine what a 40 year old Gibson ES335 in good condition will be worth. The ES335 is excellent value for money and don't let anyone tell you any different. If you can afford it, go for it; if you can't save for longer, I don't know anyone who ever regretted buying quality. And, I'm sorry,
  3. I had 2 of these in the early 80s and have another 70s one now, and the variations between them are huge. Love the tone, though, with that massive body.
  4. I've got 3 L6-S Customs from the 70s and 1 of the new ones. The new one has some differences, the pickups are different, but the character of the guitar comes mainly from the use of maple, so it's pretty close, and the necks on the 3 old ones are all a little different from each other anyway. Mine are all natural and I love them dearly, I'm really tall and a Les Paul looks like a ukulele on me, so the wider body is better. I've never sold one from my collection and they'll be buried with me!
  5. I have a couple of the MVX and they are one of my favourite guitars ever made. I think the headstock shape didn't help their cause, and a smart designer would have given them a tremolo option. Heavy, yes, but nothing like a 70s Les Paul Recording!
  6. It would be great if Gibson would reissue the aluminium neck Kramers, I had a guitar and a bass, and they were amazing. Any plans to do so?
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