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  1. looks nice ...if she costs 200 dollars
  2. Hello everybody, Is there anybody that have done this? to add a bigsby tremolo to a Midtown Custom? ...and if there is..what type of bigsby did he added? Thank you (..and sorry for my english)
  3. Midtown Custom all the way..! http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Designer/Gibson-USA/Midtown-Custom.aspx
  4. check this out... NOTE - Gibson USA goes to a 9 digit serial number in early July 2005.. The sixth number is now a batch number- batch 0 starts at the beginning of the day, and once we stamp 699, the batch number will change to 1. The first 5 numbers remain the same, the last 3 numbers will remain the same. The only difference is the addition of this batch indicator. http://www2.gibson.com/Support/Serial-Number-Search.aspx
  5. because you can't run 10m/sec when you re in a stand position (don't mean you, speak in generally) So you have to run the next 90meters in less than 8seconds. 10 meters is a long way. Even if his step is 1.5m as he is running, he have to do about six and a half steps in a second... Do you think that can any human being to run 10 meters in less that a second? Just because he is practicing?... I don't know, this is just my opinion
  6. ...and yes... I think that no human being can run 100m in 9.5sec It means that is running 10m/sec including the first 10m too, otherwise someone have to run 10m at about half a second... Do you think that is that possible?...
  7. Thank you for sharing such an information with me, didn't know about Google.com... ...but I ll stay in books, cause this is not an investigation. This is, I m having a look... Yes pippy, you re right, thats exactly why I think that the president of International Olympic Committee, couldn't say that Olympic Games came back home...
  8. I didn't notice that Olympic Games has a new name that is "Modern Olympics". If it is that, you re right, but if it isn't, that's wrong ;)
  9. I think that, it is all in the... mind. Even if you re a guitar player or a football player... think about it.
  10. "new" Olympic games, has nothing to do with the "real" Olympic Games. Those records that athletes doing can't be by humans. Companies that making pills, taking the first, second, maybe third places too. The most powerful company, with the most power pills that can't be searched, are the winners of the Olympic Games. Companies and Brands all over. Where was the humans (athletes)?... You have to read, who was the purposes of real Olympic Games... Kindness etc. I didn't watch anything of the Olympic Games, but a friend of me, told me, that in the start ceremony, someone told that "Olympic Games came back home". Really? Had the Olympic Games started in the United Kingdom?... What can I say... :)
  11. Gongrats mate. I think that these guitars are at finally the Gibson value for money guitars. (Maybe SG Standard too). I have the Midtown Custom (like Pete.R 's). It sounds great, but also it looks great too. Beautiful guitars. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. I would really like to thank you all for the infos! I ve ordered the ebony one (flat) from Thomann and waiting for the delivery. CAN'T WAIT :) Greetings from Greece, that is rocking these days :)
  13. Does anyone got one of them. I m thinking to take one for me... Any information?
  14. Most Beautiful Guitar In The Whole World !
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