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  1. I say leave it as is.... or you could sell it to me for a great price... lol, beautiful guitar.
  2. Heres a link for better pics, I had previously talked to the seller (nice guy) its for sale on another forum, looks very nice... http://www.guitarlibido.com/FOR_SALE/Pages/1946_Gibson_Southern_Jumbo.html
  3. Fred, in your original post you wrote that you were "watching" this guitar on Ebay. So I dont understand why you are going to such great lengths to defend the finish on someone else's guitar, when almost everyone who commented on this thread has a problem with the finish. I know it may be a great vintage guitar, and sound amazing. All many of us are saying is that the burst on that guitar looks wrong. no one is trying to offend you or argue with you, but you put the guitar up on these boards looking for info, and you dont seem to be happy with the info your getting. All im saying is I would not pay a premium price on that instrument, especially without seeing it in person, because I do not believe that is a factory original finish... And this time Im completely sober.
  4. Google J-45's and study many images. Gibson finishes fade nice and gradually from dark to light. Now look at Martin sunburst's, there is almost a hard noticeable line between the dark outer finish, and the lighter inside stain. It doesnt take an expert to ID a bad burst, no one does them like the gibson factory. Here is a link to another that has been on ebay for a looong time. It is a southern jumbo, with an old martin style burst refinish. Similar to the J-45 you have pictured. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-USA-guitar-Vintage-1955-southern-jumbo-SJ-acoustic-/170981631372?pt=Guitar&hash=item27cf4ca58c
  5. I've personally met Aaron, and seen him live many times. Amazing voice, no frills but I could listen to just his solo acoustic performances for days. Might not be your cup of tea, but a very talented performer.
  6. Looks like, 46-47, script logo without a banner, That sunburst is a terrible refinish, definately not factory.
  7. Butterbeans.... http://www.wdmusic.com/3_on_side_kluson_nickel_plastic.html
  8. I threw some Waverleys on one of my old j-45's and they looked great! I think any replacements will require 2 holes, as opposed to 1 hole on the grovers. Not too bad though, the bottom hole lines up perfectly, just have to drill a top hole. Will make a world of difference though, I despise those rotomatics.
  9. Nick, I would have to agree...
  10. Awesome Kirk! Here's her twin, my 51', also my favorite!
  11. Ya Nick, I played a maple banner J-45 and fell in love with that beauty. If I had more $$$$ in my pocket I probably would have blown it all on that one. Some very nice stuff there today!
  12. John, Great meeting you and getting to play some of your guitars today! Good showing. James
  13. Looks great! cant wait to get a copy.
  14. Nick, that is a beautiful hunk of wood!!! would love to hear how that sounds! Hogeye, So are you saying that my SJ is likely 1 of 15 made in 1991? I have tracked the serial # and it dates to 1991, back and sides def look like Indian RW, fingerboard looks like it is possibly brazilian RW. I have never seen another one like it thats for sure. Thanks again everyone for contributing!
  15. Jannusguy, Mine looks very similar to the one you had, aside from the bound fretboard. Beautiful guitar!
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