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  1. Heh.. That price was from Amazon too. I found a similar edition in a store for $40. And the Immersion box set with the remastered vinyl (which supposedly doesn't sound much different at all) is over $100. At least that comes with all the bonus stuff though.
  2. I started to try and build a collection this year. There's a record store down the street from my apartment at school where I've spent hours at in the past year. So far I've picked up: -Who's Next -Dark Side of the Moon -Beastie Boys 12-inch DJ single for "Hold It Now, Hit It" -Scoop (Pete Townshend) -Quadrophenia (1980 pressing with the black and white photo book) -Straight Outta Compton because why not? -Relapse by Eminem -The Wall (found a first US pressing in VG+ vinyl/VG+ sleeve-condition for only $25) -Mothership Connection by Parliament -Quadrophenia Demos 1 (record store d
  3. Courtesy of my girlfriend, shot from an open mic at a local tavern a few months ago during our Santeria cover. Playing my friend's lovely P90-loaded PRS
  4. Last summer I smoked 3 Marlboros one night just for the sake of doing it. Meh. The nicotine buzz was enjoyable at first but faded after 10 minutes. The next day I went running and my lungs just hurt. So that experience pretty much ruled out cigarettes for me, that and the whole "I have asthma" situation that I should've taken into account. A 10 minute feeling of light-headedness could never be worth the physical and financial damage to myself. I do occasionally dabble in other smokables however, nothing hard though.
  5. I have the same exact amp, albeit Celestion Hot 100's inside. Reliable and durable, this thing could survive a fall off a truck.
  6. Figured this is appropriate as well http://youtu.be/JdxkVQy7QLM
  7. If you can't get it out, try taking it to a jeweler. My friend had just the tip of an 8th" plug snap inside his new iPhone, he took it to a jeweler who had small enough tweezers to pull it out.
  8. Because I live in a thin-walled apartment at school, I sometimes use my tube mic pre as an overdrive pedal with my Skylark. Creates some interesting sounds to say the least, but nothing that would be worthy of recording. Unless you're going for a sucky-sizzly cheap-sounding fuzz pedal type sound.
  9. I like the fact that on the Roger Waters tour Snowy White used the same guitar for this solo, helped it sound authentic. I had previously seen an interview where DG talked about the solo and demonstrated it using the original guitar you're mentioning. Another fun fact, that solo was recorded directly into the board and then re-amped into a tube amp to give it an edge, as it was decidedly the best sounding method.
  10. Nice one Rabs! I love my Martin D12X1. Some complain about the HPL neck and sides but I just put a new set of strings on the other day and damn the sound is rich. We made some recordings with it last night in my school's studio and it records very nicely, not to mention it smells great with the unfinished spruce top.
  11. Any Chris Nolan film scored by Hans Zimmer..Finally saw the Dark Knight Rises last night and wow, the soundtrack fits it perfectly.
  12. I met a competent and friendly GC employee who showed me Open C, fun tuning to play around with. Nice deep sound
  13. Gotta love the Stooges, true masters of entertainment. And Ray there's another part of that video on the tube where Moe flawlessly does the "Ma-Ha? Ah-Ha" routine with Mike Douglas, up until the end he still had it.
  14. I prefer spring suckers but this is a decent idea, looks easier to keep the heat on
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