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  1. You should come back some time :P

  2. Wow!! That is now one of my favorite guitars. Damn if that would've been around when I bought my VM, I might've gone with the DC. What year did you get it? Anymore info on it you can provide? How much did ya pay for it?
  3. Didn't say it had to be standard faded My Les Paul Vintage Mahogany...
  4. I hear that a purple glasses phobia is spreading...
  5. my cat can sing. sounds just like McJagger. No sh.it. He also does this weird thing as well. He even has a band... they're called 'The Animals'. And no they do not do 'house of the rising sun' covers.
  6. darn i guess this means my les paul is a fake. it says gibson on the headstock and the headstock is a different shape. stupid fakes. LOL
  7. thanks guys. we didn't end up going to nashville because of the chance of flooding so we went to Indy and this little southern indiana town called french lick ( ). since it was my sister's b-day we went on a trail ride (horses) and stayed at this nice hotel in french L for a night then we stayed in indy for a day. both were pretty fun. i was happy because i got to go to sam ash and the Indy guitar center and man do they have a nice acoustic room there. i got to play a dove for the first time and (i've now played every current gibson acoustic) i have to say that it is the best sounding and feeling acoustic guitar i've ever played and probably ever will. i was a little bummed that they had sold the vintage fender jaguar a week ago (i love jaguars and would have loved to have been able to even touch a vintage one). i do have to say that the icing on the cake was probably getting conseco fieldhouse tickets for the foo fighters. we're in the lower bowl even! we almost never go on a vacation (last one that we went out of a 4 hour radius of where we live was when i was three) and we don't even do day trips much so this was really cool (even though we only live 2 hours from indy). i've never been to a concert that i was REALLY excited about (only been to one and it was dierks bentley who's pretty cool though). the foos are one of my favorite bands and it's kinda surreal to be going to see them. i really hope i'll be able to go to nashville (or memphis or acoustic factory) sometime. i'll shut up now because you guys probably don't want to hear any more of my rambling :)
  8. i know they give tours in memphis but they don't indicate it with nashville. they don't with the acoustic factory either but i've heard some people have gotten tours there. i was just wondering because my family and i might be going to nashville today and i wanted to know if there was any way i could get a tour. information on how to get the tour etc. are GREATLY appreciated! thanks!!
  9. eh i'm beginning to find out that just because it isn't on the gibson website doesn't mean that it's discontinued or doesn't exist. great website but is lacking in the model recognitions.
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