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  1. Custom Aluminum pickguard and bigsby B7 on es339
  2. I had a friend of mine make me an aluminum pickguard, otherwise stock.
  3. The Vintage sunburst. If you have any doubts look at the backs. The light burst looks like they put the wrong neck on it. I cant say that about the red because I havent seen the back on them. More of a burst fan I guess. That being said get anyone they are great guitars. and they just went up in price $200.
  4. Has anyone ever used Dan for any guitar work. I have emailed him a couple of times (his website says thats how to contact him for a quote) but I have not heard from him. I dont know if he is always so busy that it takes a while for him to get back on emails or what. I am in Northern Ohio and hes in southern Ohio but with his reputation I would be willing to drive to take him my guitar.
  5. Thanks for the pictures. I have been looking for 339 bigsby images on line but I was never sure if it was a 335 bigsby or not. I really wated to see the proportions on the 339 before comitting. Thanks. It makes me think I need another 339 so I can have one with and one without.
  6. Thanks guys. That is my 339 in my avatar. I did some research on the vibramate/bigsby combo and have decided against it. Although it doesn put holes I have read that it has some issues due to the short distance between the bigsby and bridge. I am honestly now leaning against adding the bigsby to my 339. I liked some of the suggestions for adding more sustain with a bridge change. My inital thought was that a bigsby could add more colors to the pallette, but now I am starting to think maybe I will keep my eye out for a les paul with a bigsby on it already and keep the 339 essentially stock. Thanks again for the advice. It was actually this forum that helped me decide on the 339 to begin with and that worked out fantastic.
  7. Groper, Thanks for the advice. It makes sense, I dont have a great reason for wanting a bigsby because I dont know what they contribute to the overall sound. More sustain possibly? I ve been a fan of Neil Youngs for some time and thought it might add to the sonic possibilites of the guitar. I dont want to put holes in my guitar on a hunch. I have come across the Vibramate that allows you to install one without drilling holes which is an interesting option. I wonder if anyone here has tried it on a 339?
  8. I have a ES-339 (vintage burst). I am considering installing a bigsby vibrato bar on it. My question is being fairly new to the electric guitar. Will I regret this down the road. I realize that no one can predict my future, my question really is, has anyone had one installed that they later regretted due to drilling holes and if so what worked out or didnt work out? Thanks. I am not a collector but I would like to keep the value intact down the road. Thanks
  9. I have a friend that is looking to swap out his pickups on his new (to him) les paul. He is looking for someone competetant in the cleveland area to do the work. Any recommendations? Thanks
  10. Just received my new es-339 and the build quality was flawless, stunning absolutely no issues.
  11. Guitar rooster that was one of the things that I noticed, its not in the custom shop or in the ES on the revised Gibson website. Maybe they are going to move them out of the custom shop production line?
  12. I was concerned that clearance meant that they were discontinuing the model. "Once they are gone they are all gone" type of situation. i hope that is not the case. I did place an order back in December. Waiting in killing me.
  13. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Memphis-ES339-Semi-Hollow-Electric-Guitar?sku=515256 what does this mean? Also Cant find anything on Gibsons website for the es-339, not under ES or Custom Shop.
  14. knuckles

    339 gotta say

    I ordered mine from Guitarsale, thinking that it might move through quicker because they are smaller. Then I found out they are owned by musicians friend. Musicians friend sent me that email confirming my order not guitar sale. I passed up ordering it through MF and getting a discount so that I would be getting from guitar sale. Live and learn. At least guitar sale is supposed to go over the guitar before it goes out to make sure there are no problems. Although they may do that for all of MF 339 sales as well.
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