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  1. Hi Pepper, Thanks for your suggestion. I don't think its the amp as it sounds very good (warm and bright) with the other guitars of mine especially the 57/62 strat and the Les paul. Yes could be the pot/cap of the neck pick up. With the 335 its not only muddy but boomy also if the amp bass knob setting is increased. In short i don't enjoy the tone at all some clarity and chime is missing. Regards.
  2. Hi esteemed member in the forum, of late my gibson es335 larry carlton sounds muddy in the neck PUP. has it got to do with the 57 PUP or guitar pots. My amplifier (65 twin reverb) has got a new leash of live with new power tubes and preamp tubes but didn't expect the es 335 LC to sound so muddy. On the contrary the strat sounds to chimey and alive, so also Les paul. Regards
  3. Thanks JDGM! for the response
  4. Hello members, I own a gibson es335 Larry Carlton SL. No. S91018. I noticed that the volume on both neck and bridge PU kicks in only at 8 to 10 knob setting. the tone on the neck moreless appears to be ineffective. Is this normal?. Of course with volume set a full on both the mid and treble position sounds good. But the neck PU sounds quite something e.g clarity is missing unlike the bridge PU. I also own another Les Paul Std 2008 its volume and tone are very linear and perfect. Regards
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