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  1. Well Ill be. Its 2.7mm. So is my '97 Supernova, so ill just poach from that temporarily!
  2. Buying both is a good idea - I may do that. I have digital calipers but I'm not sure I can accurately get inside the hole of the switch tip. I'll try though, thanks!
  3. When I look at StewMac, they sell two things that both could be right: One is M4 x .7 (generally described as "import"), the other is M3.5 x .6 for "modern Epiphone switches." How modern do they mean by "modern?" I'm guessing that means recent years' Chinese production, and the 90's Korean part I'm after is the former, not the latter. Has anyone purchased a replacement for a 90's Peerless-made Epiphone Casino/Sorrento/Broadway/Supernova/Riviera and know specifically which one will fit? And in case you are thinking "just measure it," I don't trust myself to be able to eyeball the difference between 3.5mm and 4mm just by holding it up to a ruler's edge. Thanks everybody!
  4. I already posted on the TGP thread for this, but thought I'd share for the folks here... starting to look like a FT-150 neck on a Teisco body very similar to the ET-270.
  5. One way to tell if it's UV discoloration (from sitting in the sun in a shop window for 3 years) is to peek under the pickguard.
  6. Hi gang. The nut on my blue Supernova's jack cracked in half! Never seen that happen before. Will the StewMac item 1236 fit? Bummer I have to spend $10 to have them ship a <$2 item! lol
  7. Yeah. They're really neat guitars for the money. Kind of like a Gretsch with a tone knob!
  8. Old zombie thread... bumping for update: Still have Casino. Sold Riviera, LP Studio, and Wildkat. Bought another Wildkat in TQ! Just made a deal on a TQ Emperor Regent. Woo hoo!
  9. The space between the first 4 and last 4 characters is totally normal. Congrats on a cool piece! If you don't like the pickguard and bracket please sell it to me - I need a period correct one to restore mine! (no, the Allparts/Stewmac/Amazon/Gibson/Epi/etc parts don't fit a late 90's Epi Broadway)
  10. Tweed, how'd you see mgrasso's pics? I just see the "pay Photobucket money" image.
  11. The neck dimensions are just right for me, it seems. I tend to like smaller necks a la Rickenbacker and vintage Gretsch. The Peerless Epi's scratch that itch and have good enough pickups and electronics to hold their own. Sometimes tuners need to be changed, which is simple, but often the stock ones are even ok.
  12. I've got a Sunrise Orange (trapeze) and a Gold Flake (Vibrotone). Fantastic instruments! https://www.flickr.com/photos/155319390@N02/shares/u88c6Z https://www.flickr.com/photos/155319390@N02/shares/5Ed4Qh
  13. Interesting, could be... got a pic?
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