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  1. Thanks, but I'm pretty sure that's a reseller of the AP piece. Same SKU.
  2. Hi gang. I've got a 90's Broadway (Peerless) I need the pickguard bracket for. The Allparts one everyone (even epiphone) recommends does NOT fit. Anyone know of a source? Thanks! J
  3. D'oh. There is an acoustic section. I'm dumb!
  4. I don't know about Epi's, but I know for a fact Rickenbacker saves the uglier pieces of wood for their solid colors. The wood's just as good, just ain't as pretty.
  5. I've had a Special II since '96. First thing I did was put Gibson P94's in it, and a Bigsby B5. it's still great!
  6. I actually found a different one - mine was $350 and out of Texas. I couldn't believe two were up for sale at the same time! (Cue Superman III, Richard Pryor: both keys at the same time?)
  7. I'd never say never, but I'd think a '95 with anything Bigsby-ish would have been a Vibrotone. I think it's likeliest this was an end user mod, not factory. But who knows? Additionally, I'd think the huge hunk of aluminum would kill a jazz box top's resonance and tone. I've played Casinos with and without, and the difference is huge, even unplugged.
  8. Hey gang. Just scored a cheap Emperor Regent in Silver Flake off the bay. The gold parts are looking quite worn. To match the silver, I'm thinking of going all chrome. I was also thinking of replacing the tortoise guard with something to better match the silver - black perhaps? Thoughts?
  9. Had a turquoise WildKat... sold it... got another! but I'm not playing this one much either. So I think it might be time to find it a good home. I think it's the wider WildKat neck I don't bond with. I reach for the turquoise Casino when I need to scratch that itch. What's wrong with me?
  10. One of my first electrics was an Epi LP Special II. Bought it from a friend in 1996 who had bought it new that same year, IIRC. I put Gibson P94's and a Bigsby B5 in it within the first year. It's a great little guitar! Since they have nearly no resale value, I wouldn't bother trading it in or selling it. Just upgrade it.
  11. About 6 months ago I sold 3 turq Epi's to Action Music in Falls Church, Virginia: WildKat, LP Studio, Riviera. I know the WildKat sold quickly. Not sure if they still have the other two. Good luck!
  12. Surely I'm missing something, right? All I can find is the DR212.
  13. Thanks everybody. I think I'll try to sell some other stuff off instead. I'm in an acquisition mode for Genesis stuff, since I play Rutherford in a tribute band. I recently sold off a large chunk of the collection (including my beloved turquoises, WildKat, LP Studio, and Riviera - kept the Casino) to fund the purchase of a very rare Shergold doubleneck - a replica of Mike's from the late 70's, recreated in every detail, including machining whatever parts could not be found NOS. I also just got a Roland G-202/GR-300 and GR-500/GS-500 for the 78-81 synth-y type stuff. I have a few oddballs I can unload before the Broadway goes.
  14. Thanks! Ugh, so torn. Other gear calls! What to do, what to do...
  15. Where are my manners? So sorry about that, chaps. Here are some quick pics I just snapped for you. Enjoy! I talked to a friend of mine who works for Gibson. He looked it up in their database and told me they made 40 in this finish.
  16. Collecting dust. :( thinking of finding a new caretaker/enjoyer/player for this one. This one of forty made in Ebony. Please talk me out of it!
  17. Gibson P94's work great as a replacement for humbuckers, but they wont' have the Casino dogear covers.
  18. Turquoise Riviera w/Vibrotone is on the bay... gentlemen (and ladies?) start your engines!
  19. Any ideas on this? I thought both necks had the separate tailpiece. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epiphone-SG-G-1275-Electric-Guitar-/321467953178?pt=Guitar&hash=item4ad8fbb01a
  20. These things are too pretty to collect dust... I think I need to probably (sadly) make some room in the studio and let someone else enjoy 1 or 2 of these!
  21. Hey there! Still like Epi's in turquoise?

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