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  1. I used to have a sunburst LP 7. Bought and sold near $400. Seem to be about the same currently. I know of one local to me if you want me to look into it for you. (No affiliation)
  2. I just snagged a Gretsch Shanghai Rose, basically a TN Rose in metallic Caddy green with gold h/w. It looks funky but neat! So no takers on my last query?
  3. There are plenty of Casinos with Bigsbys out there that I think it woudl NOT be worth it to ruin your value by adding one yourself, no matter how well it's done. Thanks to the Beatles, Casinos hold values pretty well, so you could experiment with a Bigsby-equipped one and sell it later if you no like.
  4. bumpity bump! Thinking of selling some instruments... I don't see any Peerless Rivieras on the 'bay. Would this fetch a decent price, you think? a '96 turquoise with Bigsby aka Vibrotone?
  5. Thanks everyone. Yes this is a '98 Peerless, and was a steal of a deal. Mine rattles too. I've tightened some of the hardware, which helps a little, but I haven't found all the sources of rattle. That's okay with me, gives it character! lol
  6. Zombie thread warning... just found out this is 1 of 40 made! :)
  7. Thanks everybody! The Casino was my workhorse during the swing resurgence of the late 90's. The Riviera I picked up about a year and a half ago. I felt it was missing its twin!!! LOL
  8. Turquoise anyone? Vibrotone anyone? '97 Casino and '96 Riviera IIRC (still have 'em but I'm at work as I type this) My link
  9. Thanks for the nice comments! I think I'm using D'addario .010's or .011's with a wound G, probably .018 or .020. I usually only change plain strings as needed rather than change out whole sets. What instruments am I hearing on the HSJ Carrier recording?
  10. I have a '98 in rare Ebony finish (rare for that model anyway) and I love it. That is a great era for Epi's, the mid to late 90's, with an R at the beginning of the serial. I have such a Casino ('97 TQ) and Riviera ('96 TQ) both with vibrotone and I really enjoy them. I used to have a Broadway in the late 90's in natural finish and i remember it being good too. I am not familiar with newer Broadways, but I've messed with some recent Epi's and I wasn't over the moon for them like the late 90's ones.
  11. Thanks! Yes, I play all instruments on my recordings with a few exceptions where I feature others.
  12. Hi gang... If anyone remembers the rare black '98 Broadway I bought and discussed here a few months back... here it is in action. Check out "U Street" on www.reverbnation.com/metrosongsbyjasonmendelson and you will hear this guitar recorded using a mixture of mic and pickups. I used a Neumann TLM103 pointed toward the 12th fret area, maybe about a foot away. Then I ran the guitar's output into a TubeMP preamp. Enjoy! Cheers, J PS: The significance: DC's U Street corridor was known as "Black Broadway" in the 50's, so I felt this would be the perfect song to use it on.
  13. Thanks, that would be great! Can you trace, scan and email to me? It's my username at good old GEE-mail dot com :) Thanks!!!
  14. Anyone know where to pick one up? eBay seems to be coming up thin at the moment. Need the bracket and screws too. Thanks, J
  15. Used it for a show last night... check it out! :)
  16. Hi gang. A friend of mine is thinking of getting either a Broadway or Joe Pass. The only differences I see on the site are the end of fretboard, inlays, switch position, signature, and tailpiece. Any other differences? Would they be the same-sounding unplugged? Thanks, J
  17. Thanks! I'm playing it some now... wow it's really sweet. It has serial starting with R98E. The neck is one of the thinnest necks I've ever played, it's like a 60's guitar or something, really nice and small without being cramped. Pretty wide string spacing though, and flattish radius, considering how thin the neck is. Haven't even plugged it in yet, it's so sweet acoustic! Pics when I can, I promise...
  18. Arrived today! Wow oh wow it's nice. Label confirms "EB" factory finish! Funny, when I had a natural finish Braodway in the mid 90's, I added a gold B6. I soon sold the guitar and kept the B6 stuffed in the corner of a parts drawer... fast forward over 10 years, I just dug it out and sold it on ebay a few weeks ago!!! D'oh!!!! (_8^(I)
  19. There was no risk of me tossing it through the ceiling tiles when I took it from the salesperson's hands, but yeah, I guess it was pretty light, come to think of it. The best thing about it was how nice the P90's sounded. I recently got a Riviera P93 that more nasally than I expected, plugged in. But this Special I P90 - all 3 tones were nice to listen to through a medium sized store display solid state Acoustic brand amp with no effects or 'verb or anything.
  20. Thanks gang! Somehow this slipped under the radar? Well, not exactly, it had 6 bids, just nobody hit the BIN! So I did! 8) I had a natural Broadway in the mid to late 90's and loved it. Yes, that spruce top and big body make it nice and loud. I used to play a lot of jazz, but mostly rockin and rollin these days... I like to mix it up for sure. You can hear my '97 turquoise Casino doing jazz on "Ice Skating at the Archives" on Volume 2 here: www.metrosongs.org (Apologies in advance if I'm not supposed to post links to my own music) I'm playing a show late January this black Broadway will be perfect for, an Elvis Costello tribute thing. Since he plays a different guitar on almost every song, I've been beefing up the collection for this show, including the requisite Jazzmaster. He usually employs some kind of big jazz box at some point in each of his shows, so this will fit the bill nicely. Another interesting tidbit, here in DC, U Street was known as "Black Broadway" back in the day, so I'll have to use it on my MetroSong for that station! (again, see www.metrosongs.org if you're scratching your head on that one...)
  21. So I snagged this end of last week. Thoughts? I cant' wait to get it! Wish I hadn't just sold my old gold Bigsby B6 though! D'oh! (_8^(I) (See the 'bay, item (self-removed) in case linky no worky, yeah, linky no worky)
  22. So I snagged this end of last week. Thoughts? I cant' wait to get it! Wish I hadn't just sold my old gold Bigsby B6 though! D'oh! (_8^(I) http://www.ebay.com/itm/320805528333?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 (Item 320805528333 in case linky no worky)
  23. I stopped in GC at Seven Corners (VA) yesterday and played a yellow one. Meh. Not sure what I was expecting for a $129 Chinese bolt-on, but I suppose there's worse out there for the same or more money! I think the satin-y worn finish threw me. I was expecting a nice gloss on it.
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