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  1. Very nice! I had a Broadway in the mid to late 90's and have fond memories of it. Not sure what I'd do about the knobs. I'd hate to change them but I agree, you could put better looking ones on there! Enjoy!
  2. Thanks everyone! I've been misinformed all these years!
  3. Hi everyone. I remember shopping for my first Casino back in the mid 90's, reading the Musician's Friend catalog, and learning that the Casino used a spruce top instead of maple like other models, which apparently gave it a bright resonant tone. I settled on a locally purchased turquoise '97 Epi Casino with Vibrotone that I love and still have, and I just acquired an '05 MIK sunburst without the vibrato, and it's much more resonant without that big hunk of aluminum on there! But I was surprised to learn my '05 has a maple or maple/birch top, not spruce. Does my '97 have spruce? If so, when did they switch? Thanks, J
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