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  1. Go for it! Great story. I have a '96 Epi LP Spec II, black. I was in college at the time, bought it from the guy who bought it new soon after he did so. I added Gibson P94's, a Bigsby B-5, and over the years have painted all kinds of crazy junk on it, and added mailbox letters that say "J DOG" and it plays pretty darn good still! Good luck with your mods!
  2. Nice forum you all have here... it's helped rekindle my love for my Epis! I'm not sure if this is a good thing! They sure are a lot more affordable than the Ricks I've been hung up on for many years now. If I could just find an Epi Comet guitar... I know, I know, never happen. They prolly only made a few prototypes.
  3. Very nice! I had a Broadway in the mid to late 90's and have fond memories of it. Not sure what I'd do about the knobs. I'd hate to change them but I agree, you could put better looking ones on there! Enjoy!
  4. Thanks everyone! I've been misinformed all these years!
  5. Hi everyone. I remember shopping for my first Casino back in the mid 90's, reading the Musician's Friend catalog, and learning that the Casino used a spruce top instead of maple like other models, which apparently gave it a bright resonant tone. I settled on a locally purchased turquoise '97 Epi Casino with Vibrotone that I love and still have, and I just acquired an '05 MIK sunburst without the vibrato, and it's much more resonant without that big hunk of aluminum on there! But I was surprised to learn my '05 has a maple or maple/birch top, not spruce. Does my '97 have spruce? If so, when did they switch? Thanks, J
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