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  1. The difference would be: Bigsby makes them themselves or they license the design rights for some no-name brand to make more cheaply
  2. It's holding the neck on. Pretty normal for a guitar which doesn't have a set neck or through-neck. The serial no is specific to your instrument.
  3. Here are some better photos of the Bigsby Riviera which was seen hanging on the wall in the first photo... This is definitely the Riviera from the Shakermaker video and has lost its scratchplate along the way - note the Strat knobs and the back to front bridge humbucker... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FpNw3286y8
  4. Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics played an Epi SG in the early days..
  5. I think it was kind of called a Riviera. Noel's didn't see much Oasis action, but did feature on the Supersonic single sleeve...
  6. Ed Harcourt plays a 60s Callabero Robert Sledge from Ben Folds Five played an Epi Les Paul Deluxe bass
  7. And you want a more affordable Noel Riviera, he also had one of these in the early days http://www.gretsch-talk.com/data/attachments/22/22001-4d13bf000b7c5de1080148288cc737d9.jpg
  8. Noel started using Epiphones because the Beatles played them. In the early days he also played a cherry red 70s Epi Riviera like this http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-oWibl2tjvT8/TfDG7jVvcWI/AAAAAAAAADE/hQtT9XTZdXU/s1600/DSCF1548.JPG As for Epiphones being 'cheap alternatives', Noel mostly played the high quality models - 1983 Matsumoku Rivieras and new USA-made and vintage models. The Les Paul and EJ200 were stock 90s Korean models though. Interestingly he actually started playing the Gibson semis alongside the Epiphones back in 1997, in this case his sunburst Sheraton.
  9. The UJ Sheraton was a 1996 USA model whilst the sunburst Sheraton was custom built for Noel in 1995/6. Note that he added extra fret markers on both of these.
  10. Noel actually also played a sunburst Riviera with a Bigsby in the early days. I believe it got nicked and he replaced it with the wine red one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY6tfjHWAbI
  11. This bloke claims to own Noel's Riviera now http://www.oasisfanatic.com/gallery/oasis/picture/0/4673.html
  12. It's also visible in the background here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqxWC5pwsgI
  13. The Oasis Bigsby Riviera has puzzled me too. In the early days Noel played a sunburst Riviera with a Bigsby - it appeared on Live Forever on TOTP and in the Shakermaker video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY6tfjHWAbI I remember reading that a load of their stuff got nicked after a gig and presumed that that included this guitar as it was never seen again. Presumably Noel liked it so much he replaced it with the wine red one. I believe that the Riviera on display was from the Definitely Maybe cover and belonged to Bonehead as there's another photo of him holding it, t
  14. It's a stock 1996 USA Sheraton, the only upgrade was the added inlays.
  15. Hundreds of guitars have passed through Noel's hands so it's impossible to name them all. Around the time of Definitely Maybe he had a brown Matsumoku Epiphone Riviera with a Bigsby but I think this got nicked and he replaced it with the Wine Red one. He was also using an Epiphone Les Paul in the early days as well. As for the Epiphone EJ200, he used this at Maine Road in 1996. He had the Epiphone Frontier at the same time but that wasn't equipped with a pickup. As for Noel's vintage Gibson J160, here it is: http://www.rockstarsguitars.com/oasis/noel-gallagher/noel-gallaghers-1963-gibson-
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