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  1. Much thanks Picnic. I guess I have to connect it and see. It would be a happy surprise!
  2. Hello All I just purchased a used Epiphone Valencia-CE AN classical with a Shadow Epiphone Six Electar preamp. The co-worker who sold it to me said he's pretty sure the premap works. But when I put a 9V battery in and move the switch on the graphic equalizer, the red light doesn't come on. I'm assuming the light should light, even if the guitar isn't connected to anything? Is that right? (I haven't tired plugging it into my audio interface) I also assume that without a working preamp, neither output will transmit a signal, the Hi or the Low-Z Bal, right? If it isn't working and I ever wanted to replace that module, is one available anywhere or an equivalent that will fit the hole? I really only want this as a second classical for someone to use if I'm teaching or we're doing duets. I usually mic my guitars when reocrding and wasn't really wasn't planning on using the electronics. But still it would be nice if the preamp worked. (The coworker who sold me the guitar said I could return it if the eletronics don't work. But I wouldn't anyway. This only cost $150 and it has a pretty nice sound - not very projecting with the cutaway, but okay - and a amazing neck and action, which I why I didn't check the electronics before I bought it.) Thanks for any responses. AGiorgianni
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