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  1. I also meant to mention the color on yours in beautiful. Looks and I'm sure sounds amazing.
  2. Thank you Eldorado. I had one a couple years back but it had issues and I really liked it but returned it. This one came along and the 57's were already put in and I just love it.
  3. Thank you Jon. It's a great guitar and with the setup it was going through it was a match.
  4. Thanks BK. I usually don't care for mods but in this case I love 57's and it was a perfect natch.
  5. Thanks. It really has a nice sound to it.
  6. Hi all, I got this guitar on an even trade. I had one before an always regretted getting rid of it so I had a chance to get one on a trade and I jumped at it. The guitar was modified which usually I don't like but the mod was my favorite pickups were put in. the guy took out the 490 and 498 and put in 57 Classics so I like that. Here is a quick little video I did with it. Has a great tone! heres' what I am playing through. Gibson ES137 Classic 2003 Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb RI Xotic BB Preamp with an EP Booster after it Strymon Brigadier Delay The guitar sounds great clean b
  7. I agree with P. I had a LP Classic and it was an 07 I think and the inlay work on the headstock was crappy just like this one (Gibson's QC was bad then). I have had 2 ES137' and have a current one and I don't see anything on that 137 that would make me think it's fake. The regular 137 and classic 137 have the silkscreen logo where as the 137 custom has inlay work on the headstock.
  8. LOL. Sometimes an SG will be just too neck heavy and other times they are fine. This one was heavy. If i take my left hand off the neck the guitar moves drastically.
  9. Thank you Jim Zep. I have been cleaning house on my guitar collection as of late. This SG i actually returned. Great guitar but a little too neck heavy on this particular guitar. In the past two months I have sold my Firebird, 335 and one of my Les Pauls.
  10. Yeah, it's a real nice guitar and plays great but when I saw the wood I leaped for it. LOL.
  11. I definitely dig the grain on this guitar.
  12. Thanks. I never saw a grain like that on an SG.
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