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  1. I have previous with casino’s and sanding, been there and it takes time to get it right. The one I’ve sanded had an imperfection On the finish so it’s no issue for me and any over sanding I can live with to be honest, I call it character. I’ve sanded a cherry one down to a natural in the past, one I wish I’d never got rid of to be honest and the slight over sanding made it unique, wish I could track it down to be honest. My other Casino in Cherry that I have now, I don’t want to remove the cherry stain at all, I want to wet sand to dull the poly finish, I don’t like the sticky tacky feel on the neck either not do I like the shiny finish. I was going to steel wool it with a very fine steel wool but I think wet sand with a 1500 would be easier, that’s why I asked the question.
  2. Do you have any pictures on what this looks like? I’m currently in the process of refinishing 1 of my casinos (I’ve done this before also) but my other cherry red one i want to keep the colour but give it a matte look much like you, would be interested to see the results. Thanks
  3. I'd love to see a 335 with p90 soapbars like on the les Paul model. They did it on the 339 but still haven't done it on the 335 😢
  4. Why don't they make these with this headstock any more? I'd love to pick one of these up
  5. I recently got a Gary Clark Jr. casino. I've previously had 2 casinos with epi p90's and I really did like the epi P90, it's one of the better pups they have imo; however, after playing the Gibson one there is a clear difference. As I'm sure the majority of you know, the casino can be difficult to control at times due to feedback. The GCJ casino feels easier to tame and the Clean tones are much clearer, I'm hoping that makes sense. the epi pup is a lot hotter imo as well. The Gibson is definitely superior to the epi, but that's not to say the epi one is a bad pickup
  6. They look great don't they and they are really affordable, love the green colour. Really like the G2655 smaller version as well, it reminds me a bit of the gretsch double jet
  7. Does anyone know when we should hear about the new products? When will epiphone release the information.
  8. Some really good calls there. The frontier and the excellence would be a great move for epiphone. My AJ-45 masterbilt is a thing of beauty, those models in the masterbilt range would be excellent.
  9. I'd like to see: -A riviera with mini humbuckers -A 335/345 with soapbar P90's a bit like the 339 they brought out. -a firebird in the non-reverse model (never gonna happen, I know)
  10. I can't put this guitar down, I'm completely hooked on it. It plays like a dream. Best acoustic I've ever had
  11. Another pic, this looks better. The blue is lighter than its coming out on the pics. Over the moon with this guitar, plays so well, great action. Love it:
  12. Photos don't do either justice. Gary Clark Casino is a dream to play and the colour is not normally my thing but it's a great finish. The j45 Masterbilt is one of those guitars you just can't put down, beautiful. I'm extremely happy. Will upload better pics when I get chance, as I said, these don't do either justice
  13. Picked mine up today, what an absolute steal this guitar is for the price. I noticed today that the prices at Dawson's have gone back up, gutted that I missed out on the Gary Clark casino at £399 but the masterbilt will more than help me forget that, this is a beautiful instrument. Only issue for me is that my partner said I have to now put it away until Xmas, Gotta set a good example for the kids who have to wait until Xmas, needless to say I'm gutted I have to wait.
  14. I got mine for £349 from Dawson's. I've always wanted a masterbilt but never thought it would be possible because of the price, but this was too good to turn down. I've heard great things about these guitars, can't wait to try mine out. Fingers crossed it'll be a good one and I'll take her home. I'll keep you all posted
  15. Yesterday I put down a deposit on an aj45. I'm going in this week to have a play and then to buy it. I've tried one already and can't wait to get my hands on one of these and take it home
  16. Resurrecting this thread! My old EJ200 was sold some time ago and I'm buying.....another EJ200. Will the Kluson Deluxe 10mm fit? I can't remember what I got before on my old EJ200. Any help would be much appreciated.
  17. So who's got one of these? Thoughts? I have previously had 2 EJ200's in natural which I loved. Do these stand up to the old version? I know they don't make these anymore, just the shoulderless one which I'm not a fan of. So what are people's thoughts on these? They are an absolute steal at £150 here in the uk
  18. Those have the dog ear p90's on them. The 339 above ha soap bar p90's and is sweet looking. Maybe it's something epiphone might look at, I knew they brought out a 339 with humbuckers but this p90 version, wow it looks beautiful
  19. Have epi ever released a 335 with the soap bar p90's. Looking at that 339 makes me wish they'd make one
  20. I'm not a les Paul kind of guy but this is beautiful. Why epiphone don't make all their les Pauls with this shape headstock is odd to me. The headstock looks so much better than the standard epi les Paul headstock
  21. I wish they did the exact same model in 335 body. P90's and Pelham blue, I'd snap one of these up.
  22. What I'd really like to see epiphone do is do what they've done with the 339 and bring out a 335 pro with P90's on it.
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