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  1. Hello guys, I have a question for you... According to your experience and knowledge and talking in terms of "Quality"... What version of the Epiphone Casino is the best? An Elitist? the 1961 Anniversary? The inspired by Lennon? Or the AIUSA Lennon? I've had the opportunity to play all the "modern" versions of the Casino, and for me the best of them is the AIUSA model. What do you think? Kind regards,
  2. Thank you guys... Here my two Epiphone AIUSA... Kind regards,
  3. Hello folks, I just want to share with you my happiness. Today I received my AIUSA Epiphone Casino "1965" John Lennon. It's one of the 1965 made by Epiphone as limited edition. It's in mint condition. I just have one word to describe this beauty... Amazing!!! This is the best Epiphone Casino I've ever had. With this beauty I'm finishing my guitar collection (for now, hahaha). Here my new pride and joy... Best to you. Regards from Mexico.
  4. Here are my Gibson ES-335 63' 50th Anniversary and my Epiphone Sheraton 64' Reissue John Lee Hooker. Regards from Mexico...
  5. I have an Epiphone Elitist Casino, is an amazing guitar. The quality is perfect, one of the best guitars in the world. I also have an Epiphone Sheraton 1964 Reissue John Lee Hooker I don't know if it counts as an Elitist but is also amazing. This Sheraton is an Assembled in the USA model. My Casino Elitist My Sheraton AIUSA Regards from Mexico.
  6. I only have 8 guitars and the brand I have the most is of course Epiphone... I love my Epis... 4 Epiphone 3 Gibson 1 Fender Regards...
  7. Hello all, I'd like to install the pickguard on my Epiphone Inspired Revolution Casino. In fact I like to install the screw that the original Lennon's Casino has. That screw doesn't come with the guitar so I don't know what can I use to replace it. I also need the "screw cover" I don't know how to call it, is the part that cover the screw. Any suggestion? Does anybody has some experience doing this? Regards.
  8. The Good... Epiphone Sheraton 1964 Reissue John Lee Hooker The Bad... Epiphone B.B. King Lucille (w/ Seymour Duncan 35 Anniversary JB/Jazz pickups) The Beauty... Epiphone Elitist Casino 1965 And their little sister... Epiphone Parlor Blues Master 1994 Regards from Mexico.
  9. Is very easy for me to answer your question... Gibson guitars are beautiful guitars with incredible designs and quality. I love Gibson Acoustics and I'm just waiting the opportunity to buy a Gibson ES 335 Block Reissue... It would be the last on my collection. My Gibson Hummingbird Pro My Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard And... My Gibson Hummingbird Gold Custom Quilted (Only 24 were made) Regards from Mexico.
  10. Hello all, Here a pic of my Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard. It's a 2011 model and it comes in a beautiful deluxe hardshell case. I use Gibson Acoustic 11 - 52 strings. It's one of my 3 loved Gibson Acoustics. Regards from Mexico.
  11. What a beautiful guitar!! Where did you buy it? I'm one of the lucky guys who own an "Assembled in USA" JLH Sheraton, it's an amazing guitar. Thanks for share this with us. Regards.
  12. Here is another pic. Thanks for your answers my friends!!! Regards.
  13. The problem is that V7 is designed for guitars that uses Stop-Tailpiece. My Sheraton comes with a frequensator!!!
  14. Hello all, I have an Epiphone Sheraton 1964 Reissue "John Lee Hooker" I want to install a bigsby on it. What do you think? Any suggestion? Best regards.
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