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  1. Congrats Laurie, HNGTopD. Beautiful 57 Gold top man. Enjoy!!! Paul :D
  2. ++++ You tell 'em BB. I'll second that. Best bang for buck out there in electric guitars. PERIOD!! Paul
  3. I have 3 Epi's, 2 Gibson's, 1 Fender, 1 Squier and have had heaps of other brad names. I haven't regretted any. Although all of them barr my old '67 SG, are not perfect, they're pretty damn close. Paul
  4. I suggest you go out and buy a set. They are very useful for a lot of things. And they are relatively cheap. + + + What he said. Paul
  5. Thanks Fretter. I put those control knobs on all my Epi's. They cost a bit but give the guitars a nice lift I think. I prefer them to the cheap plastic ones.
  6. Nice one! Hope you're happy with end results mate. I've been debating whether I might change the Les Trem on my BB3 and update it to a Stetsbar instead. No drilling or other mods required. Just bolts on in place of TOM bridge and the Stoptail posts. They seem to give you a greater range of travel and are a more stable unit. Just make some fine adjustments and set the intonation and you're good to go. We'll see. Also FYO, (just to brag a bit), I very recently updated my BB3 with Gibson 57 Classics and a 498T p/up as the middle pup. Sounds totally awesome! I highly recommend those 57 C's if you're thinking of updating your p/ups down the track. They're a little pricey but once they're in you'll appreciate the difference they make to your Black Beauty(Beast)3. Here's some gratuatous pics of my 'Beast'. She's still my favourate axe. Cheers Paul
  7. Hi JDR. Funny that! :lol: I just fitted Burstbucker Pro's to the G400 and 57 Classics to the Black Beauty 3. I also fitted Gotoh Tuneomatics to both. I fitted a beautiful Maestro vibrola and bridge/Tesla Plasma 2 pickup to the Explorer. The new pups have raised the tonal quality considerably all three. I'm finally happy with the sound of all three Epi's. I'll be keeping the white HB's for any future guitar mods. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi thefatman, Hope you're pleased with your BB3. I was totally stoked when I bought mine in 2004. Couple of things buddy; What year is yours? Where was it built, China, Korea or Japan? The serial no. will tell you all. Be careful with the strap studs, they come loose easily. Install straplocks asap, we don't wanna see broken headstocks or necks dude. My BB3 was built in Unsung/Korea in 2004. The pups on mine ore different to the ones I had on my other Epi's. They are Gibson designed HB's, not the usual Classics HB's or those muddy Hotch HB's. I rewired the entire thing with Gibson wires, CTS pots, PIO caps and Switchcraft switches and jackplug.I left the original pups on. The guitar sounded clearer and had a little more oomph in reserve. I did a comparison with a Gibson LP traditional and the BB3 through a Marshall JCM 800 and could barely tell the difference soundwise. I actually prefered the feel of my BB3 over the Gibby. Probably 'cause of the way I set it up. I also put a Les Trem on her. Got it from Stew Mac a few years back. I have a couple of pictures on this forum. Check out 'Lets see your Epiphone'. These BB3's are some of the best LP's that Epiphone has put out. Some are better than others, but in general, they are exceptionally good value and, given a good set-up and better electrics, will hold their own in any situation. I highly recommend them. (I'm bias of course) My Black Beauty3 is my favourate of all my gits. ps. The bridge and middle pups should be on when the switch is in the middle position. That's how the're wired. Paul :)
  9. Yep...it's my fav :-)

  10. Heya Epi 1, I have 3 of the best Epiphones I've ever played and I was quite irritated when I then had to go out and purchase a hardcase seperately. Bloody hell, $1500 for my Black Beauty 3 and then $180 for HC, $900 for my G400 LTD and $140 for HC, $799 for my Explorer then $140 for HC. S@#t!!! For guitars of that quality,price and being at the upper end of the range, I would expect the hardcase to be included in the sale. Forget stickers, crappy cords and posters. A hardcase, Truss rod/allen key wrench and a Certificate of Authenticity is what's required. C'man man, stick with the necessities. Sincerely Paul
  11. You gotta hand it to those people at Quingdao, Gibson or Epiphone Plant. They learn fast and they're getting better every day. I hope that sometime in the near future I might acquire, perhaps, a Les Paul GX Prophecy or a Les Paul pro FX desert burst. Will have to wait and see what the wallet and Mrs Wife says. A Gibson alternative is wayyyy.. too expensive and somewhat overated. I think Gibson USA are lucky to have such a great group of guitar builders in China. Their reputation in the U.S.A. is taking a battering at the moment from what I've been reading. I'll be sticking with Epiphone for now. Maybe Gibson USA will wake up and find a way to drop those ridiculous prices they're asking. I mean $800+ for a Lp junior, $2000 for a LP studio, bloody 'ell!!! EPIPHONE'S ROCK !!!!! I will never be convinced otherwise. (Man, that was all a mouthfull) Cheers Paul
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