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  1. I was referring to a leather clad booklet that I thought I saw. It has the fancy case. The case did have a small ding in it, but I didn't complain.
  2. Actually, I had even one more question. I thought it was supposed to come with a leatherbound something or other??? Mine came with a checklist and paper owner's manual.
  3. After combing the forums, I decided on a HB TV. Picked it up today. Sounds amazing. Looks amazing. I'll post pix soon. I had my dealer put in a Fishman Matrix. My question, and I hope it's not a dumb one, but where's the top strap button? I assumed it would come with one. The bottom button is the plug for the pickup. Should the shop have installed that for me? Thoughts? Are there places not for the button to be placed?
  4. I will for sure post photos and I really appreciate the post-purchase support. It should be here tomorrow or Saturday. Can't wait.
  5. Yes, I realize that there's a zero percent chance that the deal was true, meeester smarty pants. I figured I'd ask juuuuuust in case. I decided to finally go with the Hummingbird True Vintage as it was the most applauded guitar mentioned as far as I could see. Love the look and feel.
  6. Anyone hear of this website? http://www.retail-wholesale.com/acousticelectric-guitars-gibson_c313 Prices seem to good to be true.
  7. If I buy the FB, it will probably have to be built for me. I checked with a local shop that's a 5* Gibson dealer.
  8. Hands on is certainly the best. I just can't find either locally.
  9. That's is certainly sound perspective...rimshot pleease. I guess my feeling was that I had initially written of the HB due to size without actually playing one. But upon trying the Pro at GC, I found the neck and body to be to my liking. The sound was good and warm, but I feel like it can get even better. For 2K, I feel like there are better deals on more adorned models. What I found with the J45s and AJ, was that the tone was not as robust and I enjoyed the neck on the HB much better. So, in a nutshell, the deal wasn't super sweet and I feel like I can do a bit better for the loot.
  10. No one locally has the Firebird unfortunately. But I do live near a 5* dealer that can swing me a sweet deal on one. I started another topic. I hope that's ok. I've wittled down my choices to the FB or the HB TV.
  11. OK. I apologize for the addendum to my previous post, but after scouring this and other boards, blogs etc and taking a trip to Guitar Center today to actually play some of the guitars that I've been asking about, I think I've come to the conclusion that my dream guitars are the True Vintage Hummingbird or the Firebird Custom acoustic. Anyone have experience with both? Any other suggestions in that family before I pull the trigger?
  12. What do you think about a HB True Vintage vs the Custom Firebird? It's seems like they'd be somewhere in the same ballpark new.
  13. Saw a couple HB Modern Classics on ebay with bidding between $1800-2K. What's a good price on that one? Are there years to stay away from? Models that have better tone?
  14. Well, I headed over to a nearby Guitar Center because they had a j-45 Standard and Custom, an Advanced Jumbo and a Hummingbird Pro, From my readings here, it sounds like The HB Pro is at the bottom of the food chain with regards to overall tone for a HB. Turns out, after playing all three, I thought the HB Pro sounded noticeably better than the J45s and AJ that they had. Also, after playing it, I really didn't find it to be much larger than the J45 and AJ...certainly not enough to deter me given the warmer and fuller tone. I also really liked the neck. It just felt right. So, I've decided that I'm going to buy a killer Hummingbird (maybe a Dove?). I was strongly considering a Custom Firebird acoustic, but I think it may be a bit too flamboyant for my taste. I do want a guitar that looks amazing. But I'm mildly concerned that if I ever play out with the FB, it would be apparent that my wallet exceeds my talent level and I'd prefer not to be that guy. Any suggestions in this direction? Seems like a lot of positive feelings about the HB True Vintage. Any years to avoid if buying used on ebay? Any idea how to know if you're getting a good sounding one if you're buying one off the net? It sounds like there's a decent variance. Thanks for all of the sound advice so far.
  15. I've done a decent amount of homework and have found a solid deal on a used Randy Scruggs Advanced Jumbo. While, I'm not an avid fan of his, I am drawn to the AJ and the cool crown inlays on the Scruggs. I was originally thinking about breaking the bank and getting a new Firebird Custom Acoustic, but since it's the same size as the Hummingbird, that may be a wee bit larger or a guitar than I want. Ideally, I'd like something that sounds amazing Gibson-style, but isn't super bulky. Mostly strumming but also good for picking. I'm not interested in any of the small bodied, cutaway, stage guitars because I'd like a more robust sound. Anyone have any ideas for me? I figure my criteria puts me into the Advanced Jumbo/J-45 range??? I'd consider vintage also, but nothing too rare and price-heavy.
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