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  1. It sounds like someone did a very professional grade pickup swap on your guitar. Every stock blackback model I've seen has had the open top gold pickups. You could send your serial number to Epiphone to be sure. What does it say on the back of the covered pickup? Does it look like the other one from the back? Maybe someone just added the cover. More importantly, how do you like the guitar?
  2. Hey Revolution Six, are those separate pickup rings or are they part of the pickup, such as Guitar Fetish's Retro pickups? I've seen some nice pieces from Stew-Mac that might do the trick. I wondered if the tone or volume might be affected by covering the pickups but this option would skip that issue. Thanks for the idea.
  3. Very nice! Is that just metal pickup rings added? I hadn't thought of that. Mine would look almost the same except for having a matte finish.
  4. I've got an SG Special faded brown and I love everything about it except maybe the uncovered pickups. That is I'd like to have them covered, somewhat for the look and somewhat for protection. The tape wrap around the coils has a couple of nicks in it and I don't want it to get worse. So how hard is it to add covers to pickups? And will the fit the same or will routing need to be done? Any tips appreciated, even if it's 'go to a professional'. Thanks Bill
  5. Trading up by trading down. I'm reminded of a loverly poem by Shel Silverstein Smart My dad gave me one dollar bill 'Cause I'm his smartest son, And I swapped it for two shiny quarters 'Cause two is more than one! And then I took the quarters And traded them to Lou For three dimes -- I guess he didn't know That three is more than two! Just then, along came old blind Bates And just 'cause he can't see He gave me four nickels for my three dimes, And four is more than three! And then I took the nickels to Hiram Coombs Down at the seed-feed store, And the fool gave
  6. "Regrets, I've had a few..." I still have my first playable guitar, an Ibanez Roadstar from the early 80's. But that's just because it would have only bought enough ramen and burritos to last two weeks. Hungry days indeed. I like your poll and the rewording is better. I changed my vote but only by one year. My Epi LP was a birthday present for my 50th.
  7. Get my new book, How to Turn $1 Million in Real Estate into $200 Cash! I have plenty of horrible deals in my past. Hopefully not too many in the future. I'm 51 and just got my first Gibson LP a month ago. Two Epi LPs a year ago.
  8. That's a good option you've chosen. If you're going to keep it and play it like crazy, make it your own. There are still plenty of other style guitars to add to your arsenal; LP, Tele, Jag, Coronet, Strat, etc. You never know what will catch your imagination next. Post a couple pictures after you modify the SG. Sounds cool. I like a white guitar now and then.
  9. Why not sell/trade the Epi SG for the Gibson SG? Then you'll have great models of two very different guitars.
  10. I did the same for an LP Jr. Black wraparound bridge, keystone tuners, and black telecaster knobs from GFS. Maybe cost $40 total. It looked pretty cool and played better than when it was stock.
  11. My NV-390 and PR-795 AE are from about 1979 - 82. Both from the Norlin years and fine instruments. One even has an ebony fretboard. Great guitars!
  12. Nope, those are both real nice guitars. I wouldn't mind having either one. I guess you'd like to have one too. You have a good selection of guitar pictures. Why don't you post them in the Gibson forums? The OP's question seems to have been answered a while ago. Yes, the Epi Custom that he bought turned out to be a very good guitar. That's all folks!
  13. SG player, what guitar do you actually own? The blue LP jr? Why keep spamming with the guitar photos? It's fine to post photos of great guitars but at least put them on the proper forum. There's a place for the Gibson SG, Jr, Les Paul and it's not here.
  14. Welcome to the Forum! This might come as surprise but you're going to need both of those guitars. Probably some others too. Now my 2 bits. Once I thought that I would like to play a Telecaster. I bought one for very cheap and tried it out. I did like the Tele and later got a MIM one that is a few steps up. A used Squier Tele can be had for about nothing and the two that I have are more than decent and fun to play. Honestly, they can't lose value based on what I paid originally. Bit #2, same scenario with a Les Paul. I didn't want to spend a lot of dough to find that I didn't like
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