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  1. Hello You can try olive oil. Yes olive oil that you normally eat. Try on just a small part of your neck. If it works, do the whole neck. Otherwise keep the olive oil for your cooking !
  2. islay

    NGD - Moderne

    Very nice ! I like it
  3. I know nothing about chemistry, but the EB Wonder Wipes works perfectly. One of my guitar had a very dry neck and it solved the problem. I cannot explain why but it worked ! I use the EB Wonder Wipes on all my guitars (quite a lot ;) ) and I never had a problem.
  4. Carolina64 is right : lemon oil is mainly a chemical product. It's good for removing dirt but not so good for the wood. Buy some Ernie Ball Fretboard cleaner. This product is really wonderful. It really nourish the wood.
  5. Hello After a few months with my Melody Maker, I can say for sure that's a great guitar. With 11-52 strings, this guitar sings and rings like a bell. For slide, it's absolutely perfect. Some people find the single coil pickup too piercing, but the tone knob is there for taming this vicious bastard ! Buy one before it's too late !
  6. For a lot of people a thin finish is a nice thing to have ... some brands like F, say that a mean finish means that the wood can "breath" and of course the "relicing" is easier. Personally, I don't care but when you see the success of the relic guitars, I believe Gibson made a good choice to give this opportunity on this sort o guitar.
  7. If you use 9-42 with a Strat or a Tele, you will feel good with 10-46 on a Gibson. The Strat has a 25"1/2 scale neck and the Gibson has a 24"3/4 scale neck. Thus if you want to have the same tension on a Gibson you need to use heavier strings because the neck is shorter.
  8. I recently bought a Melody Maker (in white). You can see the pics here : http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/77634-melody-maker-my-first-gibson/ Very nice guitar. In fact, just with one pickup you can achieve a lot of sounds if you know how to use the Tone knob. A lot of player never use the Tone knob and that's a shame. Good luck
  9. After more than two weeks and quite a lot of hours of playing , my two main fears are are gone : the tuners are good enough the intonation can be good enough especially if you use heavier strings I changed the 10-46 strings with 11-49 strings. With more tension, the tuners work better and the intonation is also better. Next time, I will try some 11-52, but I feel that 11-49 is a good compromise. Fits, I was thinking of buying an wraparound adjustable bridge, but now I think I will keep the original bridge (besides, the wraparound adjustable bridges are ugly !)
  10. The hardest part is to choose the color The sunburst is cool, the back is great but the white is really so nice ... perhaps the Schenker influence !
  11. Hello ! I am not a Gibson man, normally I play with a 25"1/2 neck ... A few days ago, I was visiting a guitar shop and they had a sunburst Melody Maker. Very cheap for a Gibson (399 €). Well, I tried it ... and I loved it ! Just one pickup, but what a great pickup. With the tone knob, it's possible to have several sounds. Besides, the position of the volume knob and of the tone knob is just perfect for volume swells and tone swells. In fact a versatile instrument ! Surprising ... The shop had also in stock some white Melody Maker and they were even cheaper (349 €) and the white ones are even nicer. Conclusion : I bought one ! Congratulations for producing such a nice instrument for such a price. Who wants to buy a eastern copy when you can buy the real deal ???
  12. Bonsoir Les têtes des Gibson ont toujours étaient structurellement fragiles. Ce genre de cassure est assez fréquent, mais en général causé par un choc. Dans ton cas, c'est un peu étrange, mais il ne faut pas oublier que la tension des cordes représente une traction de 50 kg environ. Donc, à force la tête à fini par céder. Au vue des photos, la cassure me semble bien nette, donc parfaitement réparable. Un bon luthier peut faire une réparation qui sera quasiment invisible. Ensuite, la tête sera solide ... la glu est plus solide que le bois. Pas de chance, mais cela arrive et l'usure et les coups n'ont jamais changé le son d'une guitare. Une guitare est faite pour être jouée donc usée ...
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