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  1. Thanks for everyone's reply. I really appreciate it. I was not sure if there was some simple trick out there that I just did not know. I have just decided to not wipe off any sweat etc. just to rub it into the finish - and that seems to fade it pretty well. Kinda gross - but it looks rad. There are some parts of the guitar that already have the dull look back. It is a very cool finish. Guess I will just let time do it's thing. Cheers to y'all and thanks again. Alba
  2. Hello hello! I recently acquired a great True Vintage J45. I love the guitar! The only question I had is, is there anyway to restore that faded polished look that TV's come with? It seems the previous owner buffed it to get the more polished look. Was not sure if there was a special polish - or something you could just apply to give it that faded look again. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks so much in advance! Alba
  3. Beware of the Paisley - I played one side by side with a TV and in my opinion the TV put the Paisley to shame. I don't know if it is because of that pickup that affects the sound hole or what. Here were some of the tonal differences I noticed. TV has a more "vintage" sound with nice mids, rich lows, and controlled highs. The Paisley seemed unbalanced more highs, no mids, and tighter low end. Plugged in I preferred a K&K pure mini that was minimally invasive and passive - so tone is controlled by preamp or your sound guy. The K&K does not affect the unplugged tone and does not affect the look of your beautiful Gibson. Plus I love the weight of the TV as opposed to the BP. All in all - it is only my opinion you must play the two next to each other for yourself!
  4. J-45 TV - I LOVE mine. I have spent over 3 years looking and the tone of these beasts is just simply the best. Minimal "bling" which means Gibson is solely focusing on the tone. To me that is what it is all about and they nail the "vintage" tone in these guitars - not to mention you can just feel the handwork that went into one of these guitars. To me it has a different vibe than my other Gibson's. I agree with you on the Brad Paisley - I did not like that guitar at all. I installed a K&K pure mini in my J45TV and it sounded better and did not have a nasty sound hole addition. This video by acoustic newsletter helped me to nail down my convictions too - think you might like it. Last food for thought - those tuners are amazing at staying in tune live - like wayyyy better than my other Gibson's - and they look better (in my humble opinion \:D/ )
  5. Simple - K&K Pure Mini. Just installed it in my J-45 TV - freaking love it. It sounds natural, woody, and crisp. I have used all of the pickups you can imagine... and this was $95 installed! It is passive so you can control the tone with your preamp - it is stellar! Best of all it does not affect the tone of the pure unplugged guitar - and is minimally invasive. Winner.
  6. Me and my CJ-165 - and a really cute chick Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmE_05voRqQ
  7. I just sound checked the K&K pure mini passive in the J45TV - and holy sh*t it rocks. I was COMPLETELY skeptical (aka planning how to remove it and have a Fishman installed - no joke) and now I am completely a fan. Not only that, but it does not affect the tone or appearance of the guitar at all. I will do my best to post a video soon. I thought it was going to be super dark, distant sounding, and unresponsive - from all of the poor demo videos on YouTube. But, I was amazingly surprised. It has a nice bit of high end and sounds like a real guitar - which is unbelievable for a simple pickup. Not only because I have used everything from LR Baggs & Fishman - but because the price point is possibly the cheapest on the market - $90 installed and everything. I sound like a damn salesman haha. Oh well, I have to be grounded I have a show tonight I won't really know what the true verdict is until the lights go down and I get to hear the guitar all by itself, but now I am a believer. Thanks for all of the input/feedback and I will update after the show too. cheers alba
  8. So I decided on the k&k passive with a Avalon pre. I'm a full-time musician playing stages they range from large to small. I decided on this pick up because it does not affect the tone of the guitar is very minimally intrusive - but I will let you know if it has the sound that I'm looking for. I am usually a Fishman fan but this one sounded like a good thing to try. They seem to be getting pretty rave reviews – but if anybody has had any experience with them let me know! Cheers and thanks -alba
  9. Hello all I'm currently considering my options to have a pick up installed in my Gibson J – 45TV. Does anybody have any good suggestions? Currently I am leaning towards the Fishman matrix blend (w/ mic). Does anybody have any experience with one of these pickups? I'm really looking for something that is versatile but does not affect the acoustic sound of the instrument. I would like a decent amount of dynamic control if possible. Any other suggestions that go well with this particular guitar? Cheers and thanks in advance, Alba
  10. I have a J45-TV that has a label showing it was made in 2012 (it doesn't actually say that but I know how to read the Gibson labels). Are there any changes that anyone is aware of from what Gibson has on their website about the TV J45 current model? Or is it all the same info for a 2012 also? Is there anything more that I can figure out by reading the serial numbers about it? I'm mostly curious about the adirondack spruce top. Thanks in advance, Alba http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Round-Shoulder/Gibson-Acoustic/J-45-True-Vintage.aspx
  11. Thanks for all of the super helpful information. It does have a bit of a thinner nut - but I look at it as more accurate playing - at least that is what someone else told me haha :) I did not know the difference between the songMaker and the SongWriter - very very useful - I found a HB Pro at Guitar center and it beat out a Martin I played with ease. Good to know that human hands are still touching these guitars. Not a fan of the full automated process - but I like the consistency (low action, accurate fingerboard, etc) as I play in different climates and places all over the world and I find this to be more stable than my '06 CJ 165. I find all of this to be very helpful. Thanks so much! -Alba
  12. Thanks so much for the info, I really appreciate it. So then it is not true that the Hummingbird Pro is just a Songwriter with a better finish etc.? Thanks for the info about the handmade also - it does not bother me that some is done by machine. It actually makes it better for me since I am a full time performer - not a collector - so I like the clean lines and easy playability. Cheers, alba
  13. Two questions about this guitar. Two facts - It says made in the USA and has a serial number on the back of the headstock... But I want to know... 1. Is it really made in the U.S. - or was this one of the Canadian made Gibsons? 2. Is it hand made? Cheers and thank so much, Alba
  14. Going to have to sell this beauty. I will post a link if you are interested in it - it will be an unbeatable price. Cheers, Alba
  15. I think that replacing those pins would probably help tremendously haha. So here is the main question - what is the value of that guitar do you think after I get the neck reset? The only reason I ask is I don't want to go under water on this guitar and then realize I will never get the value back. Does that make sense? I got it for a good deal - a great deal actually - but I have to figure out where to draw the line and flip it or spend the extra money get it fixed up and keep it... I will have all the work completed at a 5 star Gibson Dealer and they will surely make it amazing - but should I do it? Or is that guitar really not worth it and flip it? Thanks so much for all of the help.
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