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  1. Does anyone know where I can get an Epiphone hardshell case for my 2010 AJ500RE? Mine did not come with a case, and all I have for it is a lame gigbag. Thanx, Jim
  2. I use D'Addario Light Guage Phosphor Bronze. I don't like the coated strings. I've uses the medium guage strings and they sound great too, but I mostly use the lights. Plus they put less tension and stress on the neck and top. Jim
  3. Nice job. I like the way you played Blackbird.
  4. I have an AJ500RE. Mine came with an eSonic2 :-) No drilling and I am very happy with the guitar and the sound. Jim
  5. Curious. How much did the repair cost?
  6. I have been experimenting with some alternate tunings, most recently Open E (used for She Talks To Angels). One of the benefits of having multiple guitars is that you can leave one in an alternate tuning and not have to constantly change the way the guitar is tuned, which is bad for the nut (over time) and may also decrease string life. I don't see any problem at all with drop tuning, like Drop D, which puts less stress on the neck and body, but when increasing string tension to, for example, Open E, C, D, etc., I can see that over time this could be bad for the guitar and lead to a "belly" or lifting of the bridge. So my question is how long do you think it is "safe" for the guitar to leave it in an alternate tuning that increases string tension? I imagine a few days is not a problem, but weeks on end could be detrimental. What do you think/suggest? Thanks, Jim
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